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Housing and Dining

| CURRENT Resident and Parent Information |


We are working hard to keep you informed as to just WHAT is up with us!

It starts out kind of slow and to keep things simple, we pretty much rely on two modes of communication with you:

ONE: Direct mail, and

TWO: via your WOU email account.

To ensure that the most up-to-date information gets to you, please keep the first one up to date with us and become familiar with the latter - we will use it to "talk" to our residents throughout their academic "career" at Western Oregon University.

REMEMBER though, if you or your student has ANY questions, we are ALWAYS here to listen. Call our office (503-838-8311) or email us with any questions or concerns that might be on your mind. We are here to help!

Where were we . . . oh yes, it starts out slow - just a letter of confirmation from us after we receive and process the initial housing application from our students.

Then it picks up in May when we will direct students to our website to find all kinds of information regarding living on campus, what to expect, important dates, etc. and to confirm with us that they still are planning on attending WOU that fall.

Students will hear from us again in July when we will mail out information about what should be packed to come to campus and what should stay home. Students will find out what hall they have been placed in, who their roommate(s) are and how to get in touch with them with this mailing.

Finally, we will follow up with students again in August with last minute details about Move in day - and all that is just leading UP TO coming to campus.

Once students arrive on campus . . . they become valued members of our community. We STILL have information for our students - it's just that the distance to send it is now so much shorter!

Residents should check their RSC (Residential Service Center) mailbox often and scan emails for important information that can impact not only plans for vacations and breaks, but also things like employment, and leadership opportunities, selecting a room and roommates to live with the following year (Housing Renewal) as well as fun and educational events and programs being offered along the way.

SO - Check it out - see just what IS up with us!

Whether you are a current resident within our community, or just waiting to get here to move in, chances are, we have info for you!


Mailings listed directly below are mailings that have gone out to our CURRENT RESIDENTS.

Check back here throughout the academic year for information that has been sent out to your student regarding housing events such as procedures surrounding vacations and breaks, selecting a room for the following academic year, etc.


Each year we offer our current residents the opportunity to select the room or apartment and roommates of their choice for the following aceademic year. This is the Housing Renewal Process and it HAS BEGUN!

To date, we have routed information regarding the process to residents via emails and an invitation to attend one of two information sessions available to them. Each session will provide comparisons of on-campus living to off-campus living, and also include the opportunity to tour spaces in our upper-class residence halls. Students will receive more detailed information as we get closer to the beginning of the process (early April).

In an effort to keep parents and family members informed about this process, we have prepared a small packet of information you as well. The packet is linked below and highlights the following:

  • Comparison of the costs and amenities offered in living on-campus and off.
  • The process students will need to follow to secure a reservation to live on-campus for the coming academic year.
  • A detailed timeline to help keep students on task and aware of process deadlines as the process unfolds.

Please use the links below to access this information as well as our Housing Renewal Webpage.

Contact University Housing with any questions you might have regarding the Housing Renewal Process or on-campus living in general. We are here to help!

The following information was emailed to ALL residents on Mnday, March 10, 2014.

In addition, detailed information regarding Spring Break can be found on our website: Vacations and Breaks


Once your student has applied for housing, you should receive a confirmation letter from University Housing letting you know that we are in receipt of your completed housing application and housing application fee. After that, you should not expect to receive further information from the housing department until May when we will send out the first of three main mailings that the housing department generates. Please see the "What to Expect" link below to get an idea of what to expect in term's of our mailing schedule for our incoming residents.

  • What to Expect - Use this link to access information regarding the coming summer months and what to expect in terms of contact with the Office of University Housing and Campus Dining leading up to Check In and Fall Term.


University Housing 503-838-8311 | or e-mail:

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