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| CURRENT Resident and Parent Information |


We are working hard to keep you informed as to just WHAT is up with us!

It is SIMPLE. The housing office will communicate with our residential students in two ways: :

ONE: Direct mail, and

TWO: via student WOU email accounts.

To ensure that the most up-to-date information gets to you, please keep the housing office up to date with your most current mailing address and students should become familiar with their WOU student email accounts - we will use it to "talk" to our residents throughout their academic "career" at Western Oregon University.

REMEMBER though, if students or family member have ANY questions, we are ALWAYS here to listen. Call our office (503-838-8311) or email us with any questions or concerns that might be on your mind. We are here to help!

SO - Check it out - see just what IS up with us!

Whether you are a current resident within our community, or just waiting to get here to move in, chances are, we have info for you!


Mailings listed directly below are mailings that have gone out to our CURRENT RESIDENTS.

Check back here throughout the academic year for information that has been sent out to your student regarding housing events such as procedures surrounding vacations and breaks, selecting a room for the following academic year, etc.


Once your student has applied for housing, you should receive a confirmation letter from University Housing letting you know that we are in receipt of your completed housing application and housing application fee. After that, you should not expect to receive further information from the housing department until May when we will send out the first of three main mailings that the housing department generates. Please see the "What to Expect" link below to get an idea of what to expect in term's of our mailing schedule for our incoming residents.

  • JULY MAILING - Our much-anticipated July Mailing with information about how to access hall placements and roommate assignments HAS BEEN MAILED! This information was mailed out to in-coming students on Monday, July 28th. In addition to the above access information, the following items were also enclosed within the July Mailing:
  • Residential Contracts - DUE BACK TO UNIVERSITY HOUSING BY 5:00 PM, AUGUST 8th.
  • Move In Day Check list for all residents
  • Count Down to Move In Day - a listing of upcoming important dates and deadlines as we race through the summer and get closer to move in day.
  • Contact

    University Housing 503-838-8311 | or e-mail: