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Accepted? What's Next?

Steps to Take:


Once accepted after the Conference, you will need to:


  • Sign a Acceptance Agreement
  • Fill out and advising agreement.
  • Fill out the applications to your host school
  • Then make travel arrangments!

If you are paying your host school's tuition and fees (Plan A) and you plan on using Financial Aid, list all placement choices and Western Oregon University on your FAFSA application (FAFSA codes are listed in the NSE Directory). NOTE: February 15 is the deadline to file a FAFSA application for students that apply for the NSE program.


Once accepted at a host school, you will be sent information regarding admission, housing, registration, and orientation. The Campus Detail Information on the NSE website ( will provide dates when you will receive this information.


Attend orientation! Complete the forms included in your welcoming packet.


When on exchange:


  • Notify your host NSE Coordinator and WOU Coordinator of your new address/contact information
  • Be sure and Advance Register for the next semester
  • Confirm attendance at WOU (if you receive this)
  • Send academic transcripts after each semester of your exchange
  • Send a financial aid transcript (Plan A) when you return to WOU
  • Contact your host Coordinator and WOU Coordinator immediately if you have any difficulties or problems
  News To Use

Forms for Outgoing Students


Advising Agreement
The advising agreement is for students who have already been placed at an exchange school. Please complete this form with your advisors approval and return it to Debbie Diehm, the NSE Coordinator for WOU by June 1. For course catalogs, please visit the institution's website for lists of available courses and descriptions.

Click here for the Advising Agreement form (pdf format).


Discounted Air Travel Tickets


Airline tickets can be quite expensive. Listed below are some sites that provide discounted airline tickets. Hopefully, this will make the transition easier and more cost effective. (requires actual bidding)


Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs 503-838-8221 | or e-mail: