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Rice Auditorium will be holding Romeo+Juliet! Congratulations to those who won the tickets! Free parking is available. The show will continue through March 1st, 2ed, and 3rd!



DJ Volunteer Applications are available and are due within five days, so grab one, fill it out, and turn it in!




IFC will be holding their last Open Hearings today, so come in and help support KWOU!



IFC will be holding their Open Hearings, so come in and help support KWOU by standing up for the organization!



KWOU is working on multiple junctions of advertisement, including contacting local businesses for their ads to run on the air, collecting ideas for fund-raising, generating revenue through helping out on local events, and setting up a new process of bulletin-boards to display when we have our shows and times. We're also beginning to work on the idea of purchasing new T-Shirts for the team and for those who listen in and mouse-pads with our logos!



KWOU is working hard on getting music together to play around Campus Radio. Because we're not a local FM station, it makes it harder to get out music out, but we're working on the project very hard! We're also beginning to play music over the weekends and during the night!




Famous Irish band, Solace, will be preforming in Rice Auditorium! Congratulations to those who won free tickets!



Black and Red Ball is tonight and KWOU will be spinning music with the help of Triangle Alliance!



Special Guest and Author Heidi Durrow will be in with a special interview regarding her book and social integration of the Black and White Community! Tune in for a great time and a new perspective on life.



Make sure to work on your Martin Luther King Essays! Also, Triangle Alliance will be holding an event by the end of this month. The week of the 22ed through the 25th is The 6th Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration, so look for those posters around campus. Also, Blood Drive is coming sometime in February!



Student Essay Competition has an official dead line!

Community Unity You - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Essays are due January 15th. For additional information or hard copies of the entry form, go to the Multicultural Student Services and Programs Office! (503-838-8737) in the Werner University Center!



This month is Black History Month! Make sure to stay informed via the 6th Annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration!



Welcome back to classes! Make sure to stay up to date with those LED screens; this month has a lot happening!



We've begun updating our systems and battling old problems as well as finding some new ones. January is also our Black History Month on campus, which we're hoping to get involved in. We're sending word out to stay involved and trying our best to get our mugs up on the television screens around Werner University Center! With the new term getting so close, expect shows from your favorite DJs to be at different times!



Happy New Year! New photos have been posted on our front page to show you all our loveable DJs! Hope you enjoy them; more news to come in later days.




Don't drink and drive, but have a great time!



Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!



WINTER BREAK! YAY! We're off the air until January, so go enjoy some road trips, presents, and snow if you can find any!





KWOU will be broadcasting live in Werner University Center as we jam out to the holidays and take group photos! Feel free to drop by and learn more, spend time with music, make requests, and meet some of our DJs!



Today, KWOU is taking time and respect for our DJs and asking that they spend more time studying for their final exams and rest up prior to the winter break. This also gives the Manager and Technical Engineer some time to tweak our systems and kick the bugs out while we try some new ideas. Hopefully they work. With that, we apologize if we're not broadcasting!


11-24-12 - 11-25-12

Thanks Giving! We're off the air! Go enjoy some turkey and give thanks to those who mean a lot to you! We won't speak about our personal opinions on Black Friday, but we will suggest that you remain safe.



KWOU will be participating in the Pajama Jam with Triangle Alliance on Thursday, November 15th, at 8pm in the Pacific room!







KWOU 503-838-8900 | or e-mail:

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