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MenoDisc Jockey: Katze (Cats)

Catch Line: "MEErrow! You're listening to DJ Katze, your Friendly Feline in the Den of Wolves!"

Real Name: 'Meno Katze

Alias: Furball, Charcoal

Show(s): Taking No Prisoners

Bio: With sights on a Ph.D. in Criminology and an understudy in Sociology and Education, Katze [Cats] (as he is preferred to be called) has a healthy obsession with learning, adventuring, exploring, music, and cats. Though taking (and teaching) Yoga for over seven years, he is a fun lover of hiking, biking, swimming, driving, and nerd-get-togethers such as Dungeons & Dragons, going to the movies, and road trips. Katze spends his summers star gazing or going to conventions and loves going to Medieval Renascence Fairs. He also loves camping and exploring new areas he's not been to in the world.

An advocate of the First Amendment and creating a Safety Zone for all students, Katze has a passion to hear other peoples point of views on his show, "Taking No Prisoners," which aims at a Global News stance. During his shows, he informs listeners and rants and raves about topics, asking for feedback and taking liability and responsibility for what he says on the air, directing attention towards community-based feedback on what listeners would like to hear during the block of the show.

As Active Manager of KWOU Radio, he spends much of his time helping in personnel relations, taking and completing special projects to surprise the disc jockies, troubleshooting problems, and sustaining the systems while also helping train those who need additional help. Though his music choice has always been random as are his fur-days when he rolls out of bed, Katze is warm, welcoming, and individualized, always open to peoples feelings and comments while trying to change himself for the better.


Contact Info: - please entitle the email "KWOU - Question/Comment" otherwise he will ignore it.


KWOU 503-838-8900 | or e-mail:

MissionWestern Oregon University | 345 N. Monmouth Ave. | Monmouth OR 97361 | 503-838-8000 | Admissions 1-877-877-1593 | Text only Remote IP: ((none!))