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What is Campus Wellness Challenge (CWC)?

Our mission is simple: Provide free, accessible tools and fun programming that helps students at WOU meet their health and wellness goals.


Our approach is holistic, addressing all components of your wellness, beyond just physical health.


As a student, it's hard to fit everything you need into a busy schedule. And trying to find a wellness program that focuses on your needs? Almost impossible! Here is how we can help:


CWC offers three components to help get you started on your way to personal wellness:

  1. Wellness programs around campus that focus on 6 different aspects of wellness (Academic, Physical, Mental, Social, Environmental, & Spiritual)
  2. FREE, easy-to-use online tracking systems on WOU Portal
  3. A comprehensive supply of wellness resources and information to help you succeed with your goals


How to Get Involved:

  1. Use the tabs along the top of the page to access Nutrition/Food trackers, Physical Activity Trackers, Wellness Resources (Recipes, workouts, etc.)-they're free and easy to use!
  2. Check out the featured event on this page to stay up-to-date on programs and events
  3. Contact one of our Wellness Educators by phone or email to get more personalized wellness materials, assistance, or to make an appointment!
Feature of the Month




This month CWC debuts our new website, updated wellness tools and tons of information...right at your fingertips!


For more details, contact our Wellness Educators at



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