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Sexual assault

Each year an estimated 1 in 4 women on college campuses will be sexually assaulted. In a recent survey of 6,104 students at 33 college campuses, 15 percent of the women reported having been raped. A higher percentage of women reported coerced sexual activity that did not include penetration. The problem of rape and sexual assault are not limited to women on U.S. campuses. Five percent of the male students in the above survey reported being forced to have sex. In 85 percent of the sexual assaults reported in the survey, women noted that their attacker was someone they knew. Acquaintance rape continues to be a serious problem on college campuses.


What to do if you have been sexually assaulted:

  • As soon as you can, seek someone out that you trust and tell them what happened. You need emotional support and someone who will be able to help you with creating a plan.
  • You may feel soiled and dirty, but it is important that you not bathe or wash any of the clothing that you were wearing until a medical professional has examined you. In order to help ensure that your perpetrator is held accountable, authorities will need as much evidence as possible.
  • If the assault occurred on campus, call Campus Public Saftey (89000) as soon as possible. They will document your complaint and advise you as to what you can do next.
  • If you are off campus, call 911 or the local police department.( Look for the number in our emergency section of our web site.) It may be quite scary, but getting the police involved can help you feel empowered, and your offender punished for his/her actions.

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