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Green Dot

Green Dots for Men

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Sample Green Dots for Men

  • Tell a woman in your life that power-based personal violence matters to you.
  • Ask women in your life how power-based personal violence has impacted them.
  • Ask a man in your life how power-based personal violence has impacted him or someone he cares about.
  • Have one conversation with one male friend or relative about the GREEN DOT.
  • Ask a woman in your life what you can do to help take a stand against violence.
  • Ask one male friend or relative what he thinks about power-based personal violence and what men could do to help stop it.
  • Visit the Jackson Katz website ( and read "10 Things Men Can Do To End Gender Violence."
  • Have a conversation with a younger man or boy who looks up to you about how important it is for men to help end violence.
  • Google "men against violence" and read what men around the country are doing.
  • If you suspect someone you care about is a victim of violence, gently ask if you can help.
  • Attend an awareness event with three male friends.
  • Organize a men's event to raise money to support violence prevention.
  • Text your three best guy friends that you went to the Green Dot training and you want to talk to them about it.

Resources for Men Online

Male Survivor


The White Ribbon Campaign


Oregon Men Against Violence


Men Can Stop Rape


National Online Resource Center on Violence Against Women (VAW)

Special Collection: "Men and Boys: Preventing Sexual and Intimate Partner Violence"


1 is 2 many header

1 is 2 Many Campaign featuring President Obama, Vice President Biden, Eli Manning, Jeremy Lin, Jimmy Rollins, Evan Longoria, David Beckham, Joe Torre and Andy Katz.


Educational Resources for Men by Men



Jackson Katz

Steve Thompson

Byron Hurt http://www.bhurt.comĀ 

Steve McAllister




Boys Will Be Men: Raising Our Sons for Courage, Caring and Community (Print-Non-Fiction). Kivel, Paul. New Society Publishers, 1999.


Packaging Boyhood: Saving Our Sons from Superheroes, Slackers and Other Media Stereotypes (Print-Non-Fiction). Brown, Lyn Mikel; Lamb, Sharon; Tappan, Mark. St. Martin's Press, 2009.




"Hip Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes" by Byron Hurt (video).

" I am a Man: Black Masculinity in America" by Byron Hurt (video).



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