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General Information

Mission of the financial aid office The purpose of the Financial Aid Office is to provide monetary assistance to students who can benefit from higher education by administering student financial aid programs according to federal and institutional regulations. The Financial Aid Office educates students regarding financial aid and scholarships by providing thorough financial aid counseling and financial aid consumer information. By delivering service in a timely, accurate and service-oriented manner, the Financial Aid Office assists the university's recruiting and retention efforts.


Beware of financial aid scams and fee-for service offers The Financial Aid Office would like to remind students and families that financial aid consumer information is available for free in multiple formats. Financial aid information is available from the US Department of Education online or by phone at 1-800-4FED-AID. The WOU Financial Aid Office does not recommend that anyone pay for financial aid or scholarship advice without thoroughly researching a company. Tips about financial aid scams and evaluating a consultant can be found at At WOU the only paperwork that you must complete to apply for all types of federal and state financial aid is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Should you receive requests for information from agencies other than the WOU Financial Aid Office, please feel free to contact us to see if the information is necessary for your WOU financial aid file. Always question any financial aid information that requires a "processing fee" of any sort.


Code of conduct for institutional financial aid professionals An institutional financial aid professional is expected to always maintain exemplary standards of professional conduct in all aspects of carrying out his or her responsibilities, specifically including all dealings with any entities involved in any manner in student financial aid, regardless of whether such entities are involved in a government sponsored, subsidized, or regulated activity. In doing so, a financial aid professional should:



This code of conduct is adopted from the National Association of Financial Aid Administrators' Statement of Ethical Principles and Code of Conduct for Institutional Financial Aid Professionals.


Financial Aid Office 
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