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Requesting Books on CD

It is important that you turn in your request as soon as possible.


Try to turn in your books before the class in which you need them starts. You can do this by talking to the Professor before the class starts to find out what books they use. Keep good relations with both your professors, the bookstore, and the people at the book exchange. Another alternative is buying books online.


If you do choose to turn in books to be reproduced in digital format after the class starts, note that the text reproduction may take longer to complete. This may cause you to miss valuable information for the class. Please get your books in early.


Converting textbooks to digital format is a four step process.

  • First we cut the binding off the book. This is necessary for the text to run properly through the scanner.
  • Once the book is scanned we convert it from image files to text and edit it to make sure it's readable; that is, the computer didn't misunderstand the book.
  • After editing is finished, then we run the text to audio. This means the computer reads the text to an audio format.
  • Now that all the work is finished, all we have to do is burn them to a compact disc and make a label.


Remember the conversion process was made to enable you, the user, to understand your text more completely. Why not take advantage of the program? Instead of simply dropping off your books, sit down for a moment or make an appointment to talk to the Accommodations Coordinator about the different study tools, including;

  • Different Voices per subject
  • Voice Speeds.
  • Highlighting important text, how to make a study guide and notes from the text.




Books.......turns to......CDs!



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