A Fallen Lady Wolf





On January 21, 2008 a Lady Wolf was involved in a serious car accident.  Whitney “Pinky” Bellinghausen then passed away on February 13, 2008. 


As one of our jumping locks, we will forever remember the dedication, inspiration, and determination that Pinky had for the Western Oregon Women’s Rugby team. 


We will always remember at nationals in Florida when she threw in a red bra with white shirts to cause a mountain of pink shirts.  We remember the time at regional’s when she would change into a dress within five minutes of finishing a game. 


Though a fallen lady wolf, we know Pinky will be with us on every line out, and ultimately with us in every game. 





Pinky’s memorial : http://www.wou.edu/president/staffsenate/memorials-art/bellinghausen.html



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