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General Information

Law School Admission Council - You can register for LSAT and buy publications with a credit card.

BC Online Law School Locator - Median GPA and LSAT scores for entering classes at 160+ law schools.

Pre - Law Handbooks, Preparation Guides and Helps - University of Richmond, Accepted, Denison, Logic Workbook, Law. com

Law Schools and Legal Sites
Indiana University School of Law
Law Guru - contains the complete US House of Representatives Internet Law Library
Carl Uncover - Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries
Quicklaw Systems -Canadian Legal Database
Heiros Gamos - Complex and multi-diversified web site with numerous links to other locations - one of the best sites for information.
Legal Information Institute - Cornell Law School
Library of Congress - Legal Journals
Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity, International
Villanova University School of Law
Oregon Online - Oregon Information Resources Management
Lewis & Clark Law Library
University of Oregon Law School
Willamette University Law School

Phi Alpha Delta

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