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2000-2001 News Archive

August 19, 2001

The profile of Taiwan written by LiLi Shih has been added. >>>

June 9, 2001

1985 Honda Civic for sale at the end of the August. Mileage: 129 000, good condition, new waterpump, belts, thermostat, AC, power steering. $2500 o.b.o.

Claudia Ehrler
e-mail: claudia_ehrler@yahoo.com
phone: (503) 838-3557 (until 6/16/01)
(541)451-5382 (after 6/16/01)

May 13, 2001

Having troubles converting Fahrenheit to Celcius and vice versa? Well, our own Bikky Shrestha came up with a little program that does it for you! Check it out! >>>

May 11, 2001

Photos (digital) from the International Night 2001 are now available in the gallery. Notice that it's not a comprehensive photo-coverage of the event. New photos will be added to the collection as soon as they will be scanned. Show me the photos! >>>

May 9, 2001

Thank you all, for making it possible...

Aki Mantani Joan (Huang Li-Qiong) Park Joo-Hwan
Akiyo Shiotsu Joe Ngegba Park Soo-Sun
Alberto Albuquerque Joseph Olsen Peggy (Kuo Pei-Chi)
Amanda Lowrie Jung Se-Young Frank (Horng Chien-Tun)
An Ji-Hae Junko Hibino Piotr Kolodziejski
Andy High Justin Hoeckle Ryoko Abe
Azusa Kusanagi Kelly Kraxberger Sai Fueangrith
Baek Soo-Sun Kelly Mills Sam (Oh Kwang-Hyun)
Bikky Shrestha Kelly Rengifo Satoko Mashio
Canary (Huang Chih-Ting) Kengo Fujiwara Satoko Takehara
Carol Phlinsky Kim Tae-Su Shaheena Shamim
Cathy Isaksen Kwang-Hyun Shizuka Tamura
Chie Wakai Lee Min-Su Silvia Lemke
Choi Young-Hwan Lee Soo-Sun Soo (Lee Soo-Hyun)
Chris Baird Lucas Friedrichsen Tai Vu
Clair (Cheng Chin-Tsao) Luky Esposito Takako Nagai
Dave Austin Maria Isabel Hernandez Takashi Nakayama
David Lux Maria Natalia Villabona Tami Haines
David Mendez Mariko Mori Tokiko Yamanaka
Emi Ogata Marlaine Davis Tomoko Konishi
Eri Umeda Masumi Asai Tracy (Chao Ching-Hui)
Eric (Fang I-Wei) Megumi Kuwabara Trisha Mann
Eriko Tanako Megumi Takasaki Tsutomu Sawa
Felip Ramos Mei (Mei-Chuna Wang) Tsutsuhiko Ishikawa
Fumiaki Itagaki Melanie Deleon Utako Murasato
Han Min-Kyo Michelle Wells Veronica Rodriguez
Haruna Kamamori Miki Takagi Veronica Santana
Hilda Djokoto Mikiko Yamamura Yoko Togashi
Hioroko Wada Mio Takano Youk Shim-Hun
Hiromi Kubo Misaki Sasaki Yukie Itou
Ikue Iguchi Monica (Choi Eun-Lung) Yukie Kondo
Iskra Kadicheva Nantapa Posrinak Yukiko Ito
Iwana Younna Naoko Ito Yukinori Murasawa
James (Tsai Chen-Ming) Naomi Igari Yuko Komaki
Jang Ui-Soon Naomi Kanisawa Yumi Hiratsuka
Jasmin (Hsiao Chia-Tsung) Neelun-Chana Zachary Kerns
Jason (Chen Chung-Tao) Neelun-Chana Nontanakorn Zuzana Holcova
Jess Angel Olga Ngegba Park Jae-Hong

If we missed or misspelled your name, please let us know.

April 13, 2001

Photos from the Bulgarian Folk Dance Celebration were added to the Gallery. >>>

April 9, 2001

The 21st Annual International Night
Offers Diversity And Cultural Heritage

Mark your calendar! The International Night is coming up next month!!! The event will be held from 5 p.m. on Saturday, May 5 in the Pacific Room of the Werner University Center on the Western Oregon University campus. The International Night is the big opportunity to show our own cultures to American people. This year, we will have very exciting entertainment including Japanese Taiko drumming, a fashion show, Japanese student's tap dancing, and so on. If you would like to show your talents to everybody, you are still welcome to perform (see message from the program coordinator below)!

Tickets are now available for the May 5 full course dinner from Ghana, Italy, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan and exciting evening of entertainment. Pre-Sales Tickets are priced at $8 for general admission and $4 for children 10 years and under. Ticket prices at the door will be $12 for general admission.

For more information, call WOU at 503-838-8425 or send an email to global@wou.edu.

Message from the Program Coordinator of ISO, Kelly Rengifo:

Would you like to perform for the International Night 2001? We need performers for International Night 2001 which will be held at 5 p.m. on May 5th in Pacific Room, Western Oregon University. For example, any talent, dance, music, acting, etc. that you want to share is welcome.

There will be auditions to evaluate the performances. To set up an audition and rehearsal time contact Kelly by phone: 503-606-3171 or e-mail: kya54@hotmail.com.

March 11, 2001

Some of the photos from Overnight Orientation, which took place in the beginning of this academic year, are now available in the Gallery.

March 1, 2001

The profile of Japan has been added. >>>

February 25, 2001

Third and last part of the International Night 2K photos has been added. >>>

Soon, photos from the Overnight Orientation Fall 2K will be posted in the Gallery, stay tuned.

February 23, 2001

The profile of Pakistan has been added. >>>

New (old) photos were added to the International Night 2000 section of the Gallery. >>>

February 18, 2001

Macedonian profile has been added.>>>

January 25, 2001

Conversation Partners Program Starting:

Meet an American and develop a friendship through activities and conversation. Over 60 American students have volunteered to be conversation partners beginning winter term.

Interested international students should attend an organizational meeting on February 5th at 8:00 p.m. in the Wolf Grill area. The meeting will be about an hour and refreshments (cookies and punch) will be served.

January 11, 2001

Press Release and Program Information are now available about upcoming Bulgarian Folk Celebration. Read more >>>

Photos from the International Night 2000 were added to the Gallery section of our web-site. Read more >>>

January 9, 2001

International Student Organization needs Officers. We have several positions available this term. They are each important -- assist us with activities and planning.

Vice President
Program Coordinator

We also need Committee Chairpersons for International Night, May 5, 2001!

Performances/Program (2 people)
Food (2 people)

Check with Kelly or Tami for a job description. Tell Iskra (ISO President) if you are interested in any of these positions this year.

November 26, 2000

Russian profile has been added.

November 25, 2000

The profiles of Germany and Kazakhstan were added to the "Country profiles" section. Check it out and send yours as well!

November 21, 2000

ISO Meeting on Thursday, November 30 at 7:00, Calapooia Room, WUC.

Check out some upcoming events in the "Events" section.

ISO needs a Program Coordinator! Contact Bikky at bshrest@st1.wou.edu. Help plan activities, coordinate volunteers, and learn how to run programs! Needed to begin winter term.

We need volunteers to drive WOU vans. If you are interested, you'll need to take a defensive driving course. The next available time to take the course is December 5th in the afternoon or December 6th in the morning. This course is free for WOU students. Please contact Kelly Mills or Tami Haines for more information.

November 8, 2000

There will be ISO meeting held on Thursday, November 16 at 7:00 p.m., Caloopia Room, WUC. Last time we discussed the place of the organization within the campus community and its goals: who are we and what are our objectives -- if any. If there are, then, what shall we do in order to "stay alive", or maybe we shouldn't do anything at all?.. As you may know, these are very controversial topics, and thus rational representation from the student body (you) is very important issue in itself. If you want to participate -- and you are highly encouraged to do so -- come and join us!

October 30, 2000

ISO Officers Meeting on Thursday, November 2-nd, at 6:30 p.m. in the Calapooia Room, WUC. Right after that ISO Meeting at 7:00 p.m., Calapooia Room : new improved format -- maybe even pizza and music! Please come and relax, meet new people and plan for future events. By the way, did you lose something at Rick's Place? If so, see Kelly for your left-behind belongings.

October 23, 2000

Hello! Good news: we launched our web-site. There are still a lot of things to be done before we might come up with something that is really helpfull and at the same time interactive. So, if you, by any chance, have interesting and innovative ideas considering the concept, perspective or design of this site -- send them, and we'll work on it.

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