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Proposed on October 19, 2001

Article I Name of Organization
Western Oregon University International Student Organization (ISO).
Article II Mission Statement
To provide the membership the means to share with the WOU Campus and area communities the politics, economy, culture, religion and history of the various countries represented by the members.
Article III Membership
Section 1 To become a member one must submit Confirmation Form to the Secretary.
Section 2 Membership shall not be denied because of race, religion, creed, ethnic origin, sex, sexual orientation, handicap or political affiliation. The individual should also be willing to fulfill the organization's purpose.
Section 3 With the exception of voting, all members have equal privileges and responsibilities.
Section 4 All voting members must be fee paying students of Western Oregon University.
Article IV Executive Committee
Section 1 To become an officer of the Executive Committee one must be a member, wish to support the purpose of the organization, and must attend at least two meetings prior to election.
Section 2 Officers will be elected during the first term of the academic year for which they serve. The term of office for all officers will be one academic year.
Section 3 In case of resignation, a notice should be submitted to the Secretary two weeks in advance.
An officer's duties may be permanently revoked if so voted by members.
Section 4 The organization shall be as follows:
  1. President

  2. Vice-President

  3. Secretary

  4. Treasurer

  5. Program Coordinator

  6. ASWOU Representative

  7. Special Activity Coordinators

The officers, as listed above, shall constitute the Executive Committee of the organization.
Section 5
  1. The President shall be the chairperson of the Executive Committee and is responsible for conducting ISO meetings.

  2. The Vice-President will assume the responsibilities of the President in his or her absence.

  3. The Secretary shall be responsible for keeping and processing the meeting records and other information of that kind.

  4. The Treasurer shall be responsible for handling ISO budgets, and preparing detailed reports on the current status of balance.

  5. The Program Coordinator shall be responsible for organizing ISO activities. She or he, in cooperation with other officers, must prepare detailed report in order to propose new event/s.

  6. The ASWOU Representative shall be responsible for attending ASWOU meetings and therefore acts as a conduit between the ISO and ASWOU.

  7. The Special Activity Coordinator positions are proposed by the majority of the officers and are approved by the President. Their responsibility is to coordinate specific activities sponsored by the ISO.

Article V Dues
There will be no dues for membership.
Article VI Meetings
A minimum of three officers or an advisor must be present at the meeting in order to conduct business.
Article VII Voting
Section 1 The proposals will become valid if two-thirds of the currently active members agree on that matter. This shall be the default voting ratio, unless mentioned otherwise.
Section 2 The vote must be submitted within one week from the day of proposal either in person or by other means of communication.
Article VIII Amendments
Section 1 This constitution may be amended by a vote of the Executive Committee members.
Section 2 All amendments to this constitution must be reported to the ASWOU Board of Administration within ten school days and approved by the ASWOU Board before they become valid.
Article IX Dissolution
Section 1 If for two consecutive years there is no interest shown in the International Student Organization, it will be considered dissolved.
Section 2 All funds belonging to the club will be turned over to the Director of International Education for use in an International Student Emergency Fund.
If the funds have come from IFC, this is not possible.

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