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Career Services is your partner in today's competitive, global job market.  With personal attention and online services available
24-7, we're here to help you through the job search process- from exploring possible fields to preparing for interviews, landing
internships to launching your professional career.

Building a Professional Network

Your existing network consists of family, friends, professors, current and former supervisors, team and club members and many other individuals you interact with on a regular basis. Drawing on these contacts can be extremely beneficial during your job and internship search.

Develop a list of your contacts to help identify members of your network (use the Networking Prospects hand out below). Many of these individuals will often share similar backgrounds, interests or goals, which can facilitate the development of strong professional relationships.


Identify Existing Contacts

• Friends & Family
• Professors & Advisors
• Student Clubs & Organizations
• Supervisors & Colleagues


Develop New Contacts

• Job & Internship Experience
• On-Campus & Volunteer Experience
• Career Services & Alumni Networks
• Employer Presentations & Networking Events
• Professional & Trade Associations


Additional Resources

Networking Myths & Realities
Networking – Making Connections
Networking Prospects


Refer to your network for career-related advice, information and job and internship leads. Continue to develop your network by seeking new contacts along the way.


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