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Campus Recreation

Membership Eligibility

There are four student membership categories as follows:

  • Student – Students who are currently registered and paying full student incidental fees are automatically members of the Health and Wellness Center (HWC). Dual-enrolled students who have opted to pay full WOU student incidental fees are automatically members.
  • Extended Student – Extended or distance education students do not pay full WOU student incidental fees and are eligible to purchase daily or term memberships if currently enrolled.
  • Plus One Student – Students who were enrolled the previous term and were paying full WOU student incidental fees are eligible to purchase a Plus One Student pass that extends HWC membership for the one subsequent term.
  • Pre-Fall Student – Students who are admitted to the University for fall classes are eligible to purchase a Pre-Fall Student Pass from mid-August to late-September. Facility hours of the HWC may vary during this membership period.


Current faculty members of WOU are eligible to purchase a HWC Faculty Pass. WOU Faculty who are also students must purchase the Faculty Pass in order to use the facility unless they are paying full WOU student incidental fees.


Current staff members of WOU are eligible to purchase a HWC Staff Pass. WOU Staff who are also students must purchase the Staff Pass in order to use the facility unless they are paying full WOU student incidental fees.


A partner is the legal spouse or an official domestic partner of an eligible student, faculty, or staff member.


A person who qualifies under IRS guidelines as the legal dependent of a student, faculty, or staff member may be eligible to purchase a HWC Dependent Pass. The following eligibility rules apply to dependents:

  • Ages 0-15
    Dependents ages 0-15 are not eligible for membership, but may participate during specific Youth Access Hours (see Youth Access Guidelines).
  • Ages 16-17
    Dependents ages 16-17 are eligible to purchase a HWC Dependent Pass. Dependents ages 16-17 are not eligible for most services, programs, trips or classes with the exception of specifically designed, age-appropriate programs.


Unique Access
HWC allows access to facilities for visiting individuals or groups and limited duration employees or volunteers who do not qualify for a WOU ID card. Mechanisms for creating access vary depending on the requestor's situation. Contact the HWC Director to discuss the specifics of your situation.


For clarification on these categories, or for any other membership or access questions, please call the HWC at 503-838-9530.


Membership Fees and Payment Options

Membership Eligibility Membership Enrollment Membership Periods

Eligibility explanation

Extended and Plus One Student -
Enrollment Instructions
Pre-Fall Student -
Enrollment Instructions
Faculty and Staff -
Enrollment Instructions

Fall 2014: 9-22-14 to 1-4-2015
Winter 2015: 12-15-14 to 3-29-15
Spring 2015: 3-23-15 to 6-21-15
Summer 2014: 6-16-14 to 9-21-14
Pre-Fall 2014: 8-11-2014 to 9-21-2014


Membership Classification Fees Payment Methods

Enrolled Students

No charge, part of incidental fees per term

Assessed with tuition and fees

Extended Student,
Plus One Student

$95 per term (Fall, Winter or Spring)
$77 for Summer term

On-line through WolfWeb or at the cashiers window in the Administration Building after completing the membership enrollment process in WolfWeb. Detailed payment information instructions.

Pre-Fall Students

$30 for mid-August to mid-September

Dependent (Ages 16-17)

$95 per term (Fall, Winter or Spring)
$77 for Summer term
$285 payroll deduction for 9-month
$362 payroll deduction for 12-month

Dependent (Ages 0-15)

$3 per visit per person

Cash/check at HWC front desk

Guest Pass

$6 daily use


Rental Amenities Fees Payment Method

Locker rental

$25 per term half locker

Cash/check at HWC front desk

Assumption of Risk

  • Regardless of the activity, all participants must understand they are assuming risk when they take part in an active recreation program.
  • Each person must be aware of this assumption of risk and recognize that his or her participation is voluntary.
  • Each participant also has a responsibility to use prudent and ordinary care in his or her actions.
  • These risks could include, but are not limited to: muscle cramps, nausea, fainting, abnormal blood pressure, chest discomfort, and even death.
  • Individuals are encouraged to have a physical examination and obtain adequate health and accident insurance prior to participation in any recreational and fitness activities.


Purchasing a Membership

  • HWC membership must be purchased online through WolfWeb.
  • Payment for memberships are be made on-line through WolfWeb or at the cashiers window in the Administration Building after purchasing the membership through WolfWeb.
  • Membership is sold to each individual separately.
  • Each individual member must have their own valid membership in order to access and use the facilities. Partners and dependent children ages 16-17 of faculty, staff and students will obtain either a HWC ID card or elect to activate their fingerprint in the identification system at the HWC Front Desk after purchasing their membership.


Payroll Deduction

  • Option 1: 12-month membership (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer) deducted monthly over a 9 month period.
  • Option 2: 9-month membership (Fall, Winter, Spring) deducted monthly over a 9 month period.
  • Cost of membership is divided into nine equal payments to be deducted from employee’s paychecks from October through June.
  • Payroll deduction for long-term membership is a package commitment and cannot be stopped except for documented illness, injury, termination of employment or relocation out of Monmouth area.
  • If a membership is cancelled due to one of the above circumstances, the deduction will take place in the current cancellation month.
  • Membership cancellation processes are handled at the Health and Wellness Center front desk. HWC Refund policy is consistent with the Business Office Refund Schedule.



  • Once you have applied the Health and Wellness Center non-student membership charges, you are responsible for payment. To cancel your non-student membership please visit the HWC front desk. HWC Refund policy is consistent with the Business Office Refund schedule.
  • Purchase of locker service is non-refundable. Locker transfers available upon request.
  • Special circumstances such as medical issues, leaving the university or emergency situations may justify an exception to the general rule and will be handled on a case-by-case basis if immediate notification is given.
  • Non-use of the facility does not qualify as a special circumstance.
  • Refunds are first applied to student/WOU account balance. If a zero balance is present a check will be mailed.


Member ID

  • To enter the Health and Wellness Center, members must have their current Western Oregon University or HWC ID card.
  • The HWC ID cards are issued to Partners and Dependents 16-17. The first HWC ID card is provided at no charge. Upon renewal, the original card will be activated.
  • If a HWC ID card is lost or stolen, the member must purchase a new card for replacement at a cost per Western Oregon University's Photo ID Card replacement cost of $15.
  • If you lose your WOU ID card, you may get a replacement at the Werner University Center Information Desk for a $15.00 fee.
  • Persons who are caught fraudulently using an ID card other than their own will be denied entrance, the ID card will be confiscated, and both the individual and owner of the card may face disciplinary action and may be trespassed from the facility.
  • Members will be denied entry without their ID card or failure of their registered fingerprint to activate the access system.


Biometric Access

  • Current students, faculty, and staff members may elect to activate their fingerprint in their member account as a back-up form of access if they forget their ID card.
  • Users must understand biometric devices do not always read an individual's fingerprint accurately or at all due to a number of issues. Due to this unreliability we only use the biometric access system as a back up device.
  • Members will be denied entry if their registered fingerprint does not activate the access system and they do not have their ID card.



  • For entry to facility and events, members must have a current WOU or HWC ID card or have purchased a guest pass.
  • Spectators are allowed to enter the facility free of charge to observe participants in scheduled, fee-based, non-academic instructional or sport programs.
  • Entry may be refused or privileges suspended or revoked with sufficient cause.
  • Individuals using an ID other than their own to gain access to the Health and Wellness Center may have privileges suspended for both the individual using the false ID and the valid member.


Guest Pass

  • Each guest must be accompanied by a current HWC member during their entire visit.
  • The current HWC member must be present at time of payment for guest to be allowed entrance.
  • HWC staff reserves the right to deny access to a guest.
  • Members may sponsor up to 2 adult guests to join them in the facilities per day. See Youth Access Hours for youth access.
  • Guests may be required to present a drivers license or other photo ID to purchase a day pass.
  • Guests are not permitted to solicit students or members to sponsor access into the facility.
  • The member is responsible for their guests. Failure to follow member guidelines and responsibilities will result in loss of privileges of the facility. No refunds will be given.
  • Intentional destruction of property by any guest or member will be charged to the sponsoring member for the amount equal to replacement of the property.

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