Business & Finance
Director of Business and Finance - Shanen Robles| | 503.838.8510

The Director of Business and Finance handles the finances of ASWOU clubs and organizations. She evaluates and approves purchase orders, as well as grant and loan requests made by clubs and organization and provide recommendations to the ASWOU Vice President and President on amounts granted. She also reviews expenditures and meets with  club presidents, vice presidents, and  treasurers about account inquiries.

Shanen is a Senior Business major, Public Policy minor. According to Shanen her strangest talent is the fact that she is dependable. Her celebrity crush is Oped Fehr and she loves collecting butterflies and dragons. Unfortunately she cannot touch her nose with her tongue. If you want to learn more about Shanen and her duties as Director of Business and Finance stop by or give her a call!

Main office: 503.838.8303 | President's office: 503.838.8555 | Fax: 503.838.8554