Western Oregon University Food Bank

Questions? Contact our Director Of Internal Affairs: Mariah Custer: aswou@wou.edu or 503.838.8553


Western Oregon University Food Bank

Academic Programs and Support Center (APSC) 345 N. Monmouth Ave. Monmouth, OR 97361

Located on the second floor (Feels like the first floor) near the SEP Office, and Honors Department.

Having trouble finding it? Call ASWOU: 503-838-8553


  • The Western Oregon University Food Bank (WOU Food Bank) was launched in September 2012 in response to help reduce the campus-wide issue of food insecurity throughout Western Oregon University’s campus.
  • The student-led organization was originally spearheaded by a woman by the name of Laurie O’Neal, and was organized by Mike Royer, the Sustainability Director for ASWOU.
  • The mission of the Western Oregon University Food Bank (WOU Food Bank) is to reduce the dilemma of food insecurity on Western’s campus. Volunteers and supporters of the food bank strive to increase awareness, additional volunteer interest, and community support.
  • The organization’s campaign includes holding campus food drives, advertising for upcoming events through the WOU Food Bank Facebook page, www.facebook.com/wouhungrylikethewolf, distributing flyers to the student body, placing donation boxes around campus, and hanging posters in the corridors of the main buildings at WOU.
  • Goals for the next five years include contacting the other food bank in town, Monmouth Helping Hands Food Bank (affiliated with Monmouth Christian Church), in hopes to merge in order to create a larger food bank to serve both the WOU and Monmouth/Independence communities.





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