Documents - Expenditures using Personal Funds
These documents explain how to spend organization funds using personal monies first then get a reimbursement. Please refer to your expense request checklist for a list of the documents you need for your specific situation.

ASWOU Expenditure Authorization

Expenditure AuthorizationSay your organization wants to purchase supplies for a program or for the organization in general. Now, let's say that your program is two days away and you forgot that you needed these items. Due to the short time frame, there is no way for our offices to get a purchase order/check completed within two days. The workaround? You can use your own personal funds for supplies for that program but IT MUST BE APPROVED IN ADVANCE!

By filling out the expenditure authorization form, you're asking ASWOU representatives if it is ok to purchase these items using your own money and then get paid back by the University from your organizations account. Once you've completed this form, bring it to the ASWOU Office Coordinator and they will get the necessary signatures and call to tell you your expenditure has been approved. After that, you can purchase the items needed (that you asked for) and come back to fill out the Personal Reimbursement Request (below) to get your money back.

If you're purchasing food or looking for travel reimbursements, please visit their respective pages as there are different procedures.

ASWOU Personal Funds Reimbursement

Personal Reimbursement RequestAfter you have gotten pre-approval from ASWOU representatives and have spent your money to purchase the approved items, it's time to fill out the reimbursement request. Fill out this form then bring it and ALL receipts attached to a BLANK SHEET OF PAPER to the ASWOU Office Coordinator to get your money back. This process, if done correctly, can take up to ten (10) business days to complete. The check will be mailed to the address provided on the reimbursement form.


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