Structure of the Associated Students of Western Oregon University (ASWOU):

ASWOU stands for the Associated Students of Western Oregon University. On the most basic level we advocate for students! We are here to fight for student rights on campus, at the state level, and even the national level. On campus we strive to provide services for students to make life at Western better and more convenient. ASWOU breaks down into three branches: Executive, Legislative, and Judicial. Read below for more information, and check out the different pages to learn more about the people in the branches or how you can get involved!


ASWOU Executive Branch

The Executive branch acts on behalf of students to help meet their needs, implementing the policies of ASWOU and coordinating the day to day operations.

The ASWOU President is the department head for student government, and is responsible for appointing students to cabinet positions and various campus committees. The ASWOU President also represents students views to the Western Oregon University administration, the Monmouth-Independence community, the state legislature, and the Oregon State Board of Higher Education.

Vice President:
The ASWOU Vice President manages the ASWOU cabinet and oversees the student government offices in the absence of the ASWOU President. The Vice President is responsible for special projects, planning and implementing various recruitment activities on and around campus, and filling in wherever they are needed within the cabinet. The ASWOU Vice President is responsible for planning the ASWOI Annual Leadership Retreat.



ASWOU Legislative Branch

The Legislative branch is entirely composed of the ASWOU Senate. The ASWOU Senators are elected at large from four caucuses (or groups around Western Oregon University); the Education, Liberal Arts, On Campus, and Off Campus caucuses, by the students at Western Oregon University. The ASWOU Senate is responsible for passing legislation on issues that effect students on and around campus. The ASWOU Senate is led by the Students, to advocate for student rights. Western Oregon University students are invited to file complaints or issues to the ASWOU Senate to work on.

Senate President: Zach Moffatt


Justin Ross

Matt Hanfling

Braden Shribbs

Jessica Freeman

Dyl Karbia

Jason Runyan


Visit the Senate site by clicking here.


ASWOU Judicial Branch

The ASWOU Judicial Branch is entirely composed of the student run Judicial Board, led by the Judicial Administrator. The Judicial Branch interprets the ASWOU Constitution and oversees ASWOU Elections, advocating for student rights.

Judicial Administrator: Jenessa Honda

Judicial Board Members:

Tyler Potter (Vice Chair)

Alyssa Little (Elections Representative)

Shannon Haas (PR Representative)

Adam Jensen

Jethna Korecki


Visit the Judicial Board site by clicking here.


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