ASWOU Staff: Executive Branch

ASWOU President - Corbin Garner | 503-838-8555 |

The ASWOU President is the head of the executive branch. Elected by there peers, the President serves a full academic year and can only serve another year if re-elected in the spring. The primary job of the ASWOU President is to represent the students of Western Oregon University to not only the WOU administration but at a local/state level as well. To better the representation at a state level, the President sits on the Oregon Student Association Board of Directors along with other Oregon university and community college representatives.

On top of advocating for the rights of students, the President is responsible for the inter-workings of ASWOU. They selects the cabinet staff, attends Senate and Judicial board meetings, and appoints hundreds of students to committees across the campus.

For a complete list of the ASWOU President's duties, please refer to the ASWOU Constitution (Article III).


ASWOU Vice President - Kellon Hughes | 503-838-8553 |

The ASWOU Vice President is the second individual responsible for the ASWOU organization only after the ASWOU President. The Vice President acts as the office manager and is responsible primarily for the maintenance of the cabinet staff. They is responsible for holding one-on-one's with staff members, coordinating staff trainings, and making sure the office has what it needs. In addition, the Vice President works internally (on the WOU campus) to ensure student's have the best possible education and life at Western.

Director of Internal Affairs - Mariah Custer | 503-838-8553 |

The ASWOU Director of Internal Affairs acts as a supervisor to the other positions within the Executive Cabinet, in addition to being a supporting staff member to all cabinet positions. Through weekly meetings, this position will ensure programming is being done properly and help in the development of program ideas. This position will also act as a liaison between the Executive Cabinet and the ASWOU President and Vice President. The Director of Internal Affiars will also oversee the ASWOU Food Pantry and all other programs carried out to support the community both on Western's Campus and in the surrounding area.  


Director of Business and Finance - Michael Freeman | | 503.838.8553

The ASWOU Director of Business and Finance makes financial recommendations regarding the ASWOU budget to the Student Body President, acts upon requests for monies from organizations and individuals, and presents the final budget to the Incidental Fee Committee. They will also ensure all State and University policies are being followed as well as advocate for proper access and use of student fees.



Director of Public Relations: Cat Bracken | | 503.838.8553

The ASWOU Director of Public Relations is in charge of connecting students to the ASWOU Student Government. Whether it be through the TVs, TP times, social media, campus postings, or putting on a public presence event the Director of PR is to ensure its success.


Director of State & Federal Affairs - Alyssa Chiampi | | 503.838.8553

The ASWOU Director of State and Federal Affairs works with the Oregon Student Association (OSA), a coalition of the State's public colleges and Universities. In working with the OSA, the ASWOU Director of State and Federal Affairs will work on campus, state, and national campaigns including campaigns on voter registration, fighting for lower tuition, and increased financial aid. Through the OSA, the ASWOU Director of State and Federal Affairs also has the opportunity to work with the United States Student Association (USSA).



Director of Multi-cultural Diversity - Hector Virgen | | 503.838.8553

The Director of Multi-cultural Diversity serves as the liason between ASWOU and the different diverse groups on campus. This position is responsible for advocating on behalf of multicultural students and increasing awareness and education on issues and benefits around multicultural diversity.



Student Organizations Director - Kara Kelsey | | 503.838.8553

The student organizations director acts as a liaison between ASWOU and the chartered Student Organizations on campus. This position is designed to enhance the success of student organizations. The organizations director is responsible for not only maintaining contact with organizations/clubs but ensuring that organizations recharter once a year (to obtain student services free of charge), plan the Student Organizations fair held each term, and plan the inter-Student Organization Council meeting held at the discretion of the director or executive staff.


ASWOU Director of Equal Rights Organizing - Dean Wright | 503-838-8553 |

The ASWOU Director of Equal Rights Organizing is responsible for advocating for conversations about and action against the unequal treatment of students at Western Oregon University and specifically the LGBTQ population and its allies.  They will serve as a liaison between ASWOU and The Oregon Student Association (OSA) by sitting on the Oregon Students Equal Rights Alliance board (OSERA). This position is responsible increasing awareness and for the education of students on the issues and benefits surrounding gender and sexual diversity. This position should work closely with the Director of Student Services and more specifically the Gender and Sexual Diversity Advocate. 



ASWOU Secretary - Christina Sekafetz | 503-838-8553 |

The ASWOU Secretary takes minutes at all ASWOU Meetings including ASWOU Executive Cabinet Meeting, ASWOU Senate Meeting and ASWOU Judicial Board Meeting. They are the only position in ASWOU that is a part of all three branches.


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