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In 2007 Western Oregon University created the Western Tuition Promise, making WOU the only west coast university to guarantee its undergraduates that they would be protected from the often unexpectedly high tuition increases that many other universities and colleges impose upon their students. The Tuition Promise has provided WOU the following significant benefits:


In 2012 WOU expanded the Tuition Promise and created the Tuition Choice. WOU is the only university to offer students and their families a tuition choice that best meets their needs.


The Choice
Tuition Promise  (Save later)

Tuition Promise with a 2014-15 tuition that was 2.44% higher than the 2013-14 tuition, but with no increases after that for three more years (ie four years at the same price). Students and families pay more the first years and should save money in years three and four of their studies at WOU. The promise provides the security of locking in a tuition rate during your undergraduate days at WOU.

Traditional Plan  (Save now)

Annual increases that are expected to be around 5% higher per year but could be up to 10% higher if state support for higher education continues to decline. Students and their families will likely pay less in their first years at WOU than those students who choose the Tuition Promise. Students selecting the Traditional Plan for 2014-15 will save over $200 in tuition and fees in their first year compared to students who select the Tuition Promise.



Comparing Expected Tuition Rates


The Tuition Promise was hailed by Andrew Hacker and Claudia Dreifus in their critical examination of American higher education as an example of why WOU is one of the few colleges in universities, ….in America that were doing things right for students.



In the late spring students will have the opportunity to select which tuition option works best. This process will open for students once final tuition rates are submitted/established.

Financial Aid

The Tuition Promise and the Tuition Choice complement financial aid. Students are strongly encouraged to apply for all financial aid and scholarship opportunities.


Eligible students

All incoming freshmen and transfer students are eligible for the Tuition Promise or the Choice. Tuition rates are based upon the student's residency (Oregon, Western Undergraduate Exchange or non-resident).


Tuition Promise Duration

New freshmen are eligible for four years of tuition guarantee under the Promise. Transfer students will receive a pro-rated period which equates to 15 transferred credits to one academic term of eligibility.


Online Courses

Online courses have a different tuition rate and are not included in the Tuition Promise.


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