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Founded in 1856, WOU is the oldest public university in the Oregon University system. WOU also participates in the Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) Program, which offers students from participating Western states a special reduced tuition rate.


Total enrollment: 6,187


Top five majors: business, psychology, early childhood/elementary education, interdisciplinary studies and criminal justice. (Based upon degrees awarded for 2011-12 academic year.)


Gender ratio: 60/40
(60% female/40% male)


Average class size: 26


Average high school GPA: 3.20


Percentage receiving financial aid, scholarships, grants: 75%


Number of states represented: 33
(83% of our students are from Oregon, making WOU one of the most "Oregon" of Oregon universities.)


Number of nations represented: 13 WOU is the only university in the Pacific Northwest to receive a Higher Education Excellence in Diversity Award.
(20.6% of students are from underrepresented backgrounds.)


Percent of recent WOU graduates who are enrolled in top graduate programs across the country: 40%


Acceptance rate of students: 87% (of those students who submit a complete application)


School mascot: wolf


School colors: red and white (primary colors), black and gray (secondary colors)

What is the tuition promise?


The WOU Tuition Choice is a unique program that allows students and their families to select the tuition plan that best meets their financial needs. Students can select either the Promise, which freezes tuition at the same level for four years, providing students the protection from unexpected tuition increases and the ability to plan for a specific rate.


The traditional plan, the other option, has a lower starting tuition rate that will increase annually. The two plans can also be referred to as the "Save Now or Save Later" plans with the "Save Now" being the traditional plan has the lower starting tuition rates and the "Save Later" providing students who selected the Promise to realize savings in their later years at WOU. The Promise is for four years for new freshmen and prorated for transfer students.


WOU is the only public university to offer students a choice in tuition plans.


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Location: APSC room 408

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