Spanish Major

The Spanish program at WOU offers a BA in Spanish degree. Our faculty offer classes in all major time periods and geopolitical spaces that configure the rich field of Hispanic studies. The major provides students with a broad knowledge of the language, literatures and cultures of the Spanish-speaking world.. A student with a BA in Spanish will be able to speak and write at a professional level, and the major is an excellent preparation for graduate school in diverse fields such as Spanish, Comparative Literature, Linguistics, History, Latin American Studies, Latino/Chicano Studies, etc. Our Spanish BA is also a desirable credential for a career in teaching, business, government, social services and pertinent non-governmental organizations.

  • Spanish Major Requirements
  • Literature Concentration
  • Linguistics Concentration
  • Professional Concentration

Spanish Major Requirements

A student will need 65 credits beyond the first year language to finish a Major in Spanish.

Core Courses (40 credits)

SPAN 201, 202, 203 Second Year Spanish (12)

SPAN 301 or 317 (4)

SPAN 302 or 318 (4)

SPAN 303 or 319 (4)

SPAN 338 Hispanic Culture and Civilization: Spain (4)

SPAN 339 Hispanic Culture and Civilization: Latin America (4)

SPAN 360 Introduction to Hispanic Literatures (4)

SPAN 379 Introduction to Spanish Linguistics (4)

SPAN 492 Senior Capstone (1) not required for teacher education majors


Core courses plus 24 credits

Literature Concentration

(6 Upper Division courses, 4 of which must be at the 400 level)

SPAN 370 Survey of Peninsular Spanish Literature (4)

SPAN 371 Introduction to Latin American Literature (4)

Two 400-level courses: Spanish Literature before 1800 (8)

Choose from: SPAN 411, SPAN 412, SPAN 413, SPAN 441

Two 400-level Spanish courses (8)

Linguistics Concentration

(6 Upper Division Spanish courses, 3 of which must be at the 400 level)

SPAN 350 Spanish Pronunciation and Phonetics (4)

SPAN 380 Applied Linguistics: Spanish (4)

Three 400-level Spanish linguistics courses (12)

Choose from: SPAN  480, SPAN 481, SPAN 482, SPAN 483

One upper division Spanish elective (4)

Professional Concentration

(6 Upper Division courses, 4 of which must be at the 400 level)

Two Spanish Linguistics courses (8)

Choose from: SPAN 350, SPAN 380, SPAN 480, SPAN 481, SPAN 482, SPAN 483

Two 400-level Spanish courses (8)

Choose one: (4)

SPAN 320 Business Spanish

SPAN 321 Spanish for Health Care Professionals

SPAN 485 Introduction to Translation and Interpreting

Choose one: (4)

SPAN 409 Spanish Practicum

SPAN 486 Spanish Translation Practicum 



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