Application submissions have closed for 2018/19 WOU CIP Internships

Applicants will be notified of hiring decisions by December 1, 2018

Multiple positions open in a variety of disciplines and industries.


The WOU CiP educational application cycle includes preparation and feedback for every student on their resume, cover letter, and interview. We strongly encourage applicants to watch the below videos to orient yourself to the WOU CiP program and learn tips and tricks for improving your resume and cover letter for updating your application materials for referral to departments. 


All students participate in a first-round interview with WOU CiP staff.  We strongly encourage you to attend one of our interviewing workshops in advance of your interview so you can put your best foot forward.




2018/2019 Positions

Visit WolfLink to view positions descriptions

Academic Excellence Showcase Communications and Event Management Intern

Campus Garden Coordinator

Chemistry High School Outreach Coordinator

Dance Outreach Intern

Ecology and Plant Biology Research Assistant

Experiential Learning Intern

Fostering Success Intern

Foundation Event and Campaign Assistant

Legislative Support Intern

Maurice Study Collection Intern

Professional and Technical Writing Intern

Research Intern in Linguistics and Writing

Safe Zone Social Media and Outreach Intern

University Housing Intern for Diversity and Inclusion

Upward Bound Internship Coordinator

Web Design and Development Intern




The WOU Community Internship Program (WOU CiP) provides access to academically and career relevant paid on-campus internship opportunities for Western students



Reduce Internship Inequity

  • Paid Internships: Financial barriers often prevent low-income students from accessing high-quality internships, many of which are unpaid.*
  • On-Campus: Transportation access serves as a barrier for many WOU students who either do not own a vehicle or the cost of transportation is prohibitive to seek internships within our surrounding communities.
  • Access to Professional Networks: Not everyone has a family or friend network that easily refers them to professionals in their industries of interest. Connecting with faculty and staff creates opportunities for students to connect with professionals.

*Mayo, L., & Shethji, P. (2010). Reducing Internship InequityDiversity & Democracy, 13(3).



What are the Benefits of Participating in WOU CiP?

The WOU Community Internship Program (WOU CiP) connects you to paid internships on-campus. By developing partnerships across campus, WOU students are able to gain invaluable internship experiences that facilitate professional development and integration of classroom knowledge. WOU CiP is managed in collaboration with departments and Service Learning and Career Development professional staff. This means you are provided with ongoing support and guidance in your internship from start to finish, and any time thereafter. Support includes, but is not limited to:

  • Resume and cover letter writing
  • Interview preparation and practice
  • Career coaching to facilitate:
    • personal and professional goal development
    • integration of skills and knowledge gained to translate experience into future job readiness


What are the Benefits of Doing an Internship?

Internships allow you to gain the necessary professional skills that allow you to integrate academic knowledge with real world application. Not only do internships provide you with experience to add to your resume, they also allow you to gain a competitive edge in the job market. Employers typically favor recent college graduates that posses internship experience over those that do not. It is common for employers to hire high performing and hard-working interns because they are more familiar with your work.

Additionally, internships allow you to practice and develop skills sets that are aligned with your academic and professional goals. This gives you a chance to “try” a career path to better understand which career is right for you.


Internship vs. Part-Time Job: What’s the Difference?

What makes internships unique is the focus on student learning. This is an opportunity for you to apply skills learned in the classroom or elsewhere, that tie to your academic, career or personal goals. While you might perform some roles that are not for your learning, the goal is for you to explore and practice your professional identity under supervision and with mentoring.

An example could be a student wanting to apply their writing skills and learn professionalism by writing press releases for a department. The expectation is that the student need some coaching and guidance and not be expected to accomplish the task perfectly on the first try. With gentle feedback, however, the final output will be professional, well written and offer a fresh, student oriented perspective.


Eligibility to Participate

  1. Enrollment: Students must be enrolled at Western Oregon University
  2. Academic Standing: Students must be in good academic standing
  3. Judicial Standing: Students must be in good judicial standing
  4. Prior WOU CiP Interns: Former WOU CiP Interns are ineligible from applying to the same position


WOU Community Internship Program

503-838-8716 | or e-mail: | Location: WUC 119