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This is a free, online service for employers, students, alumni, and the Western Oregon Community where networking is highly encouraged!  You have the option, when creating your contact profile, to select more than just WOU to advertise to.  We are connected to many of the higher education institutions throughout Oregon, and across the US.  Feel free to post here, and advertise everywhere!


Students (log-in through your portal, select the black and white wolf head button on the top banner)


Wolflink is a site where employers are encouraged to post jobs, internships, volunteer opportunities, or any other experience related positions for students, and alumni,to search. Employers must register as a recruiter with the system first.  To start, click the Employer button above.  Follow the steps listed here to successfully create your profile: How to Create an Employer Contact Profile

Students, your success using Wolflink is all determined by YOU!  Feel free to create your student profile to fit your needs, and update your profile on a regular basis to have this be an evolving site suited to you.



Click the correct button for you above, this will redirect you to the login page for Wolflink
Sign up for an account
Follow all of the instructions provided
Once you submit your completed profile it can take up to 48 hours for office staff to approve your registration
You will then be directed to confirm your employer agency, or create a new one
Once your profile is updated you can enter or search jobs, register for events, and other use other exciting features of this system.



Click the correct button for you above, this will redirect you to the login page for Wolflink
Type in your email account, this should bring up your logo to the left.
Choose to login with email and password.
This should bring you to a screen with the option of “forgot your password”.
You can click the “need help” button as well to access articles on how to perform many tasks within the system as well.

You must enter in an email address as part of this process.  If you do not have an email address, please contact our office at 503-838-8432 for assistance.