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Community Internship Program


Mission and Goal: To provide access to academically and career relevant paid internship opportunities for Western students.


WOU CiP Recruitment Schedule



What are the Benefits of Hiring an Intern?

The WOU Community Internship Program (WOU CiP) connects students to paid internships on-campus at no cost to departments. SLCD provides consultation on establishing an internship, guidelines, and training on the use of internship contracts and evaluations. Interns are professionally minded, they have goals, and they are eager to learn and apply their learning. This opportunity is more than a job; it is the beginning of their career and they will take their work more seriously than a part-time student employee might. An intern does not replace a person on your staff, but can accomplish projects on your to-do list, help design a program, or allow you to offer services differently.


WOU CiP Process and Expectations

WOU CiP internships are offered during Winter and Spring terms, some positions are offered as a two term internship. Department proposals, student applications, and hiring of interns occurs the term prior. Interns are paid $10 an hour and work 10 hours a week for 10 weeks. Supervisors are responsible for the following throughout the recruitment process and during the internship:

  • Submit an internship proposal 
  • Interview SLCD referred candidates and select intern
  • Collaborate with interns to create an internship goal agreement
  • Provide mentorship and feedback on interns’ performance throughout the experience
  • Conduct a final evaluation at the end of the internship

Please review the complete list of the Process and Expectations.


Proposal Requirements

WOU CiP seeks to provide meaningful internship experiences to WOU students. In order to ensure that internships are aligned with student academic and career goals, internship experiences must provide:

  • Learning objectives & learning activities
  • Development of professional career skills/qualities
  • Availability and involvement of supervisors as mentors

Please review the complete list of Proposal Requirements.


Internship vs. Part-Time Job: What’s the Difference?

What makes internships unique is the focus on student learning. This is an opportunity for the student to apply skills learned in the classroom or elsewhere, that tie to the student’s academic, career or personal goals. While the student might perform some roles that are not for their learning, the goal is for them to explore and practice their professional identity under supervision and with mentoring.

An example could be a student wanting to apply their writing skills and learn professionalism by writing press releases for a department. The expectation is that the student needs some coaching and guidance and not be expected to accomplish the task perfectly on the first try. With gentle feedback, however, the final output will be professional, well written and offer a fresh, student oriented perspective that relates to your audience.


WOU CiP Advisory Committee Members:

Judy Beebe, Business/Economics
Melissa Bergeland, Campus Recreation
Adry Clark, SLCD
Kathryn Plummer, SLCD
Patricia Flatt, Chemistry
Reina Morgan, President’s Office
Molly Johnson, Former WOU CiP Intern
Tiffany Gerlach, SLCD Graduate Intern
Debora De Leon, SLCD Student Staff

If you would like to serve on the WOU CiP Advisory Committee, please email internships@wou.edu




If you have questions or need assistance submitting an internship proposal, please contact Kathryn Plummer, Assistant Director, at 503-838-8041 or plummerk@wou.edu





For more information, please contact Kathryn Plummer, Assistant Director, 503-838-8041 or plummerk@wou.edu.
Nominated for the
Diversity and Inclusion Award
by the National Association of Colleges and Employers

"As a first generation college student - college, as well as internships, were a very foreign concept to me. The WOU Community Internship Program gave me great practice at writing resumes and cover letters, as well as offering internships in my field of study. This is such a great program and the support from the SLCD staff throughout the internship was phenomenal."

Chris Modrich

Natural Products Intern, Chemistry

"In my internship, I learned about what goes on behind the scenes of leading an instrumental ensemble. Understanding how this process works has helped opened my eyes to the many responsibilities of a band director."

Miriam Means

Symphony & Wind Ensemble Conducting Intern, Music