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Fall Term


Opportunity Fair | September 22, 2017 | Register Here

A great opportunity for you to meet incoming and returning students.  Advertise your opportunities, visit with students, and build your brand early on campus. This is the time to meet and greet before the school year gets underway.  We strive to offer work study jobs, local part time jobs, volunteer opportunities, as well as internships.


Fall Career and Graduate School Fair | November 8, 2017 | Register Here

Looking to connect with Fall or Winter term graduates?  Wanting to get the jump on filling your seats in all your classes?  This is a perfect fair to start building those networking connections at WOU.  Now is the time to meet those perfect candidates from all majors.


Winter Term


Internship & Volunteer Fair | February 15, 2018 |  Register Here

Connect with WOU’s diverse and hardworking students who are ready to apply their education and enthusiasm to serving your team through internships and volunteering.  WOU students are actively seeking opportunities to engage in meaningful work experience. Last year’s fair connected 40 employers with 200+ students. Come be a part of this interactive recruiting opportunity and meet students who want to work with you.


Criminal Justice & Government Services Career Fair | March 7, 2018 |  Register Here

This fair is geared to students and agencies within the Criminal Justice field. WOU’s Criminal Justice program combines strong liberal arts curriculum with a rigorous set of core classes and specialized elective coursework in law enforcement, corrections and community crime prevention. Graduates of our programs seek employment at the municipal, county, state or federal level in a variety of fields, as well as private agencies.  Come meet our highly qualified students who are ready to take their career to the next level!


Spring Term


Education Fair | April 2, 2018 |  Register Here

At WOU, we connect teaching and learning both in our classrooms and in schools, and we’re proud that our graduates are some of the most sought after in Oregon and the Northwest. We encourage recruiters attending the Oregon Educators Fair to join us the day before on WOU’s campus for more personalized engagement with Oregon’s top talent.


Registration Costs for Career Fairs


Registration Cost for Career Fairs
Corporate $275
Government Agency $125
Small Business* $100
Educational Institution $75
Non-Profit Organization* $50
WOU Departments $25



*Small Business/Non-Profit: To qualify, companies must employ fewer than 20 full-time employees or qualify as a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Companies must not be affiliated with or under a larger umbrella with a larger company that does not fit these qualifications. WOU reserves the right to request necessary documents to verify eligibility.




Service Learning and Career Development

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