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Career Development Events


SLCD hosts a wide variety of events for students, alumni, and recruiters, to attend. 


Workshops:  These opportunities typically will revolve around a specific career development topic, such as “Write your resume right”.  Look for these events to happen during the day.  Often times the topics will be repeated term to term.

Dinners:  Hosted meals will normally include alumni or employer speakers.  Often the presentation will focus on a topic that will benefit your career aspirations, such as “Etiquette Dinner”.  These events normally happen in the evening and may include a nominal fee.

Panels:  This is a great opportunity to learn about a specific topic from the experts.  Such as our Law School Panel brings together representatives from a variety of law schools to talk about the admissions process, cost, and other variables that could impact your decision.


Speaker/Panel Member:  Service Learning & Career Development provides many programs for our students that involve in-person participation by employers and organizations. Workshop presentations, dinner engagements, panel presentations and other event opportunities are available. Please let us know if you would be interested in participating in this type of event by emailing hansenj@wou.edu.

Sponsorship of programs, or advertising opportunities:  SLCD is always open to financial support for specific programs, or advertising for agencies.  In exchange for this financial support, the business or organization will receive credit for this sponsorship in publications of specific events, or recognition on students homepage in Wolflink. Please let us know if you would be interested in financially sponsoring our programs, or advertising your agency on Wolflink, by emailing hansenj@wou.edu.

Consulting services:  Our staff is available for consultation and assistance in setting up internships, strategizing recruiter employment postings, and providing additional career-related resources. We are available for focus groups, training activities and company or organization tours. Please request assistance and/or consultation by emailing hansenj@wou.edu.