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Non-Traditional Student Services

Who are WOU Non-Trad Students?


According to the definition at Western Oregon University, our non-traditional students are students who:

  • Are over the age of 25
  • Are returning to school after an extended break
  • Have children


Non-Traditional Student Services offered in the Werner University Center


Non-Traditional Student Lounge
Want to get connected with other non-traditional students and the campus network? The lounge (located near the bottom of the stairs on the first floor of the University Center) provides a comfortable atmosphere for study, discussion, or relaxation. It is also a great place to find out about upcoming events, as well as network with other non-traditional students. In addition to sofas and informational bulletin boards, there is also a microwave oven, coffee maker, sink, phone and day lockers, all of which are available for student use.


Locker Rentals
A limited number of lockers are available for rental by non-traditional students. The lockers are located in the Non-Traditional Student Lounge and can be rented on a term-by-term basis. The charge is $10 per term. To rent a locker, visit the Werner University Center Information Desk.


Emergency Locator Service
This service provides a system for family members to get in touch with a student during the school day in emergency situations. Students must provide a copy of their schedule to the Coordinator for Campus Life in the Werner University Center so that in case of emergency, children, child care providers, or family members can call and have a message delivered to the student in the classroom. Forms must be updated each term. A must for parents!


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