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Each month, SACI will release a “Word of the Month.” Each word has been thoughtfully considered and encouraged to further explore as it relates to individuals’ professional and personal capacity.


January 2017 – Prejudice: A preconceived judgment or bias commonly conflated with the larger systems of oppression, such as racism, of which it is only a part. Prejudice is not merely a phenomenon of individual bias but can also be understood as the bias that is built into institutional policies and procedures, as well as seemingly harmless cultural values in ways that reproduce inequity.


Privilege: A group of unearned cultural, legal, social, and institutional rights extended to a group based on their social group membership. Individuals with privilege are considered to be the normative group, leaving those without access to this privilege invisible, unnatural, deviant, or just plain wrong. Most of the time, these privileges are automatic and most individuals in the privileged group are unaware of them.


Segregation: Segregation commonly refers to the system of racial exclusion created for the purpose of upholding a system of racial privilege for the white race. Though separation enforced by law (de jure segregation) is illegal, widespread individual preferences (de facto segregation), particularly in housing and education, contributes to the perpetuation of racial disparities across many spheres.


Inclusion: when members of diverse social and cultural groups are actively included and the dignity of all people is respected so everyone can thrive and reach their fullest potential. Inclusive organizations engage in intentional policies and practices that fully value different perspectives and reflect the interest of diverse members throughout all levels and aspects of the organization. Full inclusion implies dialogue and sharing of power between members.


November 2017 – Internalized Superiority: when members of a privileged group internalize the dominant social messages of superiority about their group and accept their group’s socially superior status as normal and deserved.


September 2017 – Lesbian: an identity term for a female-identified person who is attracked to other female-identified people.