Student Support Grants


The RRCD provides grant-funded financial support to students in the following programs. The programs are housed under the Division of Deaf Studies and Professional Studies (DSPS) in the College of Education. Please direct grant questions to the RRCD contacts listed at the bottom of this page.


Rehabilitation Counseling: Deafness (master’s degree) – The program in Rehabilitation Counseling: Deafness (RCD) prepares professionals to work with deaf or hard of hearing adolescents and adults in rehabilitation and other human service settings. A general rehabilitation counseling option is also available.


American Sign Language/English Interpreting (bachelor’s degree) – The ASL/English Interpreting program offers a non-teaching bachelor’s degree in Education with a major in American Sign Language/English Interpreting. The ASL/English Interpreting program is designed to prepare graduates to enter the interpreting field as work-ready professionals.


American Sign Language Studies (bachelor’s degree) – The American Sign Language Studies major prepares students with competencies in ASL linguistics, literature, and Deaf culture; an understanding of the role of the sociolinguistic aspects of sign languages and Deaf communities; and the roles of Deaf history, Deaf culture and cultural diversity in American Society.


American Sign Language courses WOU’s center on deafness offers nine American Sign Language courses: ASL I through IX, plus Comparative Linguistics: ASL/English. ASL is recognized as meeting WOU’s second language requirement for the Bachelor of Arts degree. ASL I through IX also qualifies for diversity credit for undergraduate degrees. Students need not be admitted to a deafness related degree program to enroll in ASL courses at WOU.




Elisa M. Maroney, Ph.D. Professor Regional Resource Center on Deafness . 503-838-8735 Konnie Sayers, Administrative Assistant Regional Resource Center on Deafness . 503-838-8444