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ASL Immersion (Annual Silent Weekend)

Silent Weekend at Western Oregon University

Program Dates: July 28-30, 2017
Program Location: Western Oregon University, Monmouth, OR 
Program Description:

If you are looking for worthwhile workshops, great entertainment, and a chance to sharpen your skills, then this immersion experience is for you!  This will be the 9th year of the Silent Weekend. This is a skill development activity over three days, conducted completely in ASL. in 2016, this event brought over 225 participants from Canada and all over the US–even Puerto Rico!

Workshops Offered:

Attendees can choose between professional development workshops centered around interpreters or aspiring interpreters or workshops focused on ASL linguistics and ASL skill improvement. We are partnering with students from the Masters in Interpreting Studies at WOU to present some workshops this year.Some of our 2016 workshop offerings were:

  • ASL Slang and Idioms
  • Right Words, Wrong Message: Intentional Prosody in ASL/English Interpreting
  • Play With the Hands: Classifiers
  • Utilizing Gestuno with Foreign Deaf People
  • The LGBTQQIAA Rainbow: Terminology & Culture
  • Evaluating Interpreting in Supervision Sessions
  • NIC Interview Prep
  • Representation and MISrepresentation of Medical Concepts in ASL
  • Coping with Microagressions in VRS Settings
  • The Mentoring Relationship
  • Breaking Into Legal Interpreting
Submit to Present a Workshop:

Proposals are welcome now until May 1st. Priority given to those who submit as early as possible. Both ASL-themed and interpreter professional development workshops will be accepted. Link to submit here.

Program Cost:
Before April 1st: $100 (Students: $90)
Before May 1st: $120 (Students: $110)
Before June 1st: $140 (Students: $130)
After June 1st: $150 for all
(Lodging/meal plan info on the registration link.)
You can register anytime and also onsite.
Who Should Register:
Everyone! Deaf community members, ASL students, interpreting students, pre-certified and certified interpreters, ASL teachers and interpreter educators. 
Pre-requisites: Recommended ASL fluency at 2 years or more of study.
RID CEUs: 1.9 CEUs will be offered in the categories of Professional or General Studies by the Regional Resource Center on Deafness at Western Oregon University, an approved RID CMP and ACET sponsor.

For more information or TO REGISTER, click here.

Questions? Contact the Program Facilitator: CM Hall or call 503-888-7172.

Here’s a photo slideshow of pictures from 2015.


Silent Weekend ParticipantsA view from the workshop