The Regional Resource Center on Deafness is housed in the College of Education along with the Divisions of Deaf Studies and Professional Studies, Education and Leadership, and Health and Exercise Science. For over 50 years we have been writing grants to support students in fields such as interpreter training, deaf and hard of hearing education, and rehabilitation counseling. Grant awards from the Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) and the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) allow us to provide over $620,000 each year in stipends and tuition remissions for students in our undergraduate ASL/English Interpreting Program, our graduate level Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling Program, and our month-long Rehabilitation Counseling with Deaf and Hard of Hearing Adults certificate program. 

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2017 ASL Immersion (Annual Silent Weekend)


Update DeafBlind versus Deaf-Blind

As of February 16, 2018, Chad Ludwig, co director of the Oregon Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services has received 27 emails from DB and allies of the DB Community from around the world. To those of you who have reached out, thank you, your email really does make a different. This isn't about just having a dash defining us, its about pushing back bullies who thinks they know what is best for us.

The deadline has been extended, our goal is to have fifty or more emails. The more emails Chad receives the stronger we become. If possible, please reach out to other members and allies of the DB community.

Thank you for your time and help. Individually, we are one of kind, together we are strongly united.

Chad Ludwig's email address: chad.a.ludwig@dhsoha.state.or.us
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Hello members and allies of the DeafBlind community,

Even though the House passed HR620, we can still stand up to something else that is important. I need your help. In the state of Oregon, legal documentations are naming our community Deaf-Blind. Even though there is a dash in the middle of who we are; this was decided by someone who does not identify themselves as DeafBlind nor have they been a supporter of the DB community. Oregon has a small DB community and unfortunately we are not as active like our neighborly state.

If you have time, please send an email to help Chad A. Ludwig, co director of the Oregon Office of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services.

If you are comfortable, tell him who you are and that you identify yourself as DeafBlind, not Deaf-Blind. Allies, tell them that you are an ally and that you support the DeafBlind community.

Here is an incerpt from one of the letters written to Chad today.

"As for DeafBlind vs. Deaf-Blind, I think I prefer the term without the dash because DeafBlind is not deafness plus blindness. It is not two impairments cobbled together. Instead, it is its own unique identity for my body to be. It is a unified representation of the whole of how I function and deal with the outside world. Whatever linguistic significance the dash may have, I feel that DeafBlind (capitals, no dash) encompasses my identity more than any other."

This needs to be done today, Thursday, February 15 before 5pm PST, if not by five, then tonight, because the subcommittee will be reviewing the bylaws, which includes how we identify ourselves as a community, tomorrow. The more emails Chad gets from you, the more this helps him make the appropriate corrections on future legal documents in the state of Oregon. You do not have to be from Oregon. Your email can be sent from all over the world! Also, if you can, please reach out to as many DB people and our allies as you can!

No one has the right to label who we are and what we are except ourselves!

So far, twenty emails has been received, we need a lot more, our goal is 50.

Chad's email address: chad.a.ludwig@dhsoha.state.or.us

Thank you for your help!!!
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Deaf-owned Mozzeria... hopefully coming to a town near you...

Many people aren't willing to hire deaf people because of these misconceptions.
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These deaf business owners are about to create a ton of jobs for deaf people nationwide.

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