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Summer Sessions

Summer 2017 – COMING SOON

Summer Academic Calendar | Class Schedules | Summer Tuition/Fees

Registration begins: To Be Announced

For assistance with the registration process please call the Registrar’s Office at 503-838-8327

Summer Academic Calendar

Sessions 10-week 6-week 1st 4-week 2nd 4-week 3-week
Session Start – End Dates
6/26 – 9/1
6/26 – 8/4
6/26 – 7/21
7/24 – 8/18
8/21 – 9/8
Classes begin
Mon, June 26
Mon, June 26
Mon, June 26
Mon, July 24
Mon, August 21
Last day to register for a course
Thu, June 29
Thu, June 29
Thu, June 29
Thu, July 27
Thu, Aug. 24
Last day to drop a course for a refund
Thu, June 29
Thu, June 29
Wed, June 28
Wed, July 26
Wed, Aug. 23
Tues, July 4
Tues, July 4 Tues, July 4
Last day to drop a course without responsibility for a grade
Wed, July 19
Mon, July 10
Wed, July 5
Wed, Aug. 2
Mon, Aug. 28
Last day to pay fees without a late fee
Last day to withdraw from a course with grade responsibility
Mon, Aug. 7
Fri, July 21
Wed, July 12
Wed, Aug. 9
Fri, Sep. 1
Session ends
Fri, Sept. 1
Fri, August 4
Fri, July 21
Fri, August 18
Fri, Sept. 8
Grades Due
Tue, Sept. 5
Tue, August 8
Tue, July 25 Tues, August 22 Tues, Sept. 12


  • Please see our online class schedule for beginning and end dates of specific courses.
  • Payment for all registered courses for summer session is due on or before (TBA). After (TBA) students registering for courses which begin after (TBA) may pay for those courses on the first day of class.
  • Grades are due to the Registrar’s Office at 10am on Tuesday after the last day of the course.
  • Grades will be made available to students at the end of each week beginning (TBA).

Enrollment Changes

Students receive a full refund for course load reduction if they submit their add/drop form by the date listed under the column indicating the last day to drop with refund. No refunds are given after the days listed.

Students dropping or applying for complete withdrawal from school may do so without grade responsibility if the withdrawal form is submitted to the Registrar’s Office by the date listed under the last day to drop courses or withdraw for the term.

Refund Guidelines and Information for Other Courses and Programs

  1. For workshops, seminars and conferences of less than one week, refunds are given only if the class is canceled or the student withdraws before the class begins.
  2. Refunds for courses scheduled in non-traditional formats (i.e. Friday/Saturday, etc.) are prorated on the basis of elapsed instructional hours.
  3. For international program refund information, refer to the program information packet and brochure.
  4. Students receiving financial aid refer to the federal refund policies on the financial aid web page for financial aid responsibilities when withdrawing.

All students taking 6 or more hours any time during the term are assessed health fee. The health service fee is optional for students taking fewer than 6 credits. Students taking fewer than 6 hours of regular courses who wish to use the health service may pay the additional fee at the cashiers.


Important note: Registered students are responsible for fee payment whether or not they attend their scheduled classes. If you are not planning to attend you must either cancel on the web, or in writing with the Registrar, before the first day of the course to not be held responsible for payment of tuition.





University Registrar

Phone: (503) 838-8327 | Fax: (503) 838-9696 | or e-mail: registrar@wou.edu