What is Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Research at WOU is scholarly work completed by undergraduate students following the professional standards of the relevant academic discipline(s) and is usually guided by one, or more, faculty mentors. This broad definition includes research, scholarship, and creative activities in the creative and performing arts, the social sciences, the humanities, and the sciences. In other words, all academic fields have the potential to engage students in undergraduate research.


Why Participate?

Participating in undergraduate research can lead to:

  • greater understanding of content and methods in your chosen academic field,
  • gaining important skills that can be applied to other academic disciplines,
  • valuable experience for graduate schools and / or potential employers,
  • personal and professional development, and
  • fun and enjoyable experiences!


How to Participate!

Check out our guide to undergraduate research (www.wou.edu/pure/PURE_CurrentResearch.php) to see what opportunities exist in your academic discipline. Once you find what you’re interested in doing, contact the faculty listed for that opportunity. If you don’t see anything listed, or have questions, please contact the PURE Coordinator (PURE Coordinator.)


Working with a Faculty Mentor

Conducting research as an undergraduate student with a faculty mentor or advisor can be a very rewarding intellectual experience.




Program for Undergraduate Research Experiences (PURE)

(503) 838-9500 | or e-mailpure@wou.edu