The Executive Committee Guides the Work of PURE at Western Oregon University

The PURE Executive Committee meets monthly during the academic year to support the mission of the program. Executive members are approved by a majority vote and serve a three-year period with the option to request service for a second three-year term. The committee has the following responsibilities:

Planning: set strategic directions and programmatic priorities for PURE; review and analyze progress; modify annual plans, as necessary

Deciding: make decisions regarding issues related to PURE

Reporting: communicate PURE initiatives and accomplishments to the campus governance structure and develop reports, as needed

Advising: provide ongoing consultation and recommendations to the PURE coordinator

Budgeting: develop annual budget, in consultation with the PURE coordinator; provide ongoing comments and suggestions regarding annual budgets; ensure that the budget aligns with priorities and planned initiatives; review and modify the budget as necessary; work with the coordinator to resolve budget-related issues and funding problems

Marketing: guide the presentation of PURE and its key initiatives to WOU and the larger community; acting as liaisons for PURE to the community at large

Evaluating: develop and maintain processes by which the effectiveness and efficiency of PURE operations are assessed periodically; ensure that recommendations for improving PURE are built into the ongoing planning and review cycle.

Members of the Executive Committee

Lisa Catto

Paula Baldwin: PURE Insights editor; communications faculty

Michael Baltzley

Michael Baltzley: Board member; biology faculty

Adry Clark

Adry Clark: Board member; Service Learning and Career Development director

Joshua Daniels

Joshua Daniels: Board member; English faculty

Xiaopeng Gong

Xiaopeng Gong: Board member; education and leadership faculty

Ava Howard

Ava Howard: Past director; biology faculty

Gavin Keulks

Gavin Keulks: Board member; Honors Program


Emily Lilo: Board member; health and exercise science faculty


Margaret Manoogian: Board member; gerontology faculty


Rebecca McCannell: Board member; art faculty


Sue Kunda: Scholarly Communication and Social Science Librarian | Library and Media Services

Current Program ByLaws:

PURE ByLaws_for_Exec_Comm (changes ratified 9 Jan 2018)


Previous Executive Committee meetings:

For copies of minutes from previous Executive Committee meetings, please contact


Program for Undergraduate Research Experiences (PURE)

(503) 838-9500 | or