The Program for Undergraduate Research Experiences (PURE)
The mission of the Program for Undergraduate Research Experiences (PURE) is to promote undergraduate research, in its broadest sense, at Western Oregon University. PURE strives to build and sustain a culture of support for student scholarly endeavors through the development of a campus-wide infrastructure that enhances dissemination, fosters communication, and provides funding for this initiative. PURE's efforts foster additional opportunities for meaningful and sustainable faculty-student collaboration in research, scholarship, and creative activities at Western Oregon University.

Jennifer Taylor (COE)
Open seat (COE)

Scott Beaver (CLAS)
David Janoviak (CLAS)
Michael Baltzley (CLAS)
Shaun Huston (CLAS)

Sue Kunda (LMS)
Dana Bleakney-Huebsch (At-Large: Research Institute)
Open seat (At-Large)
Gavin Keulks (Director, Honors Program)
Camila Gabaldon (Managing Editor, PURE Insights)

Ethan McMahan (Immediate Past Coordinator)

Ava Howard (Coordinator, Chairperson)