Political Science major (72 credits)

                                                                                            Four-year plan – Political Science Major

Professors: Mark Henkels, Mary Pettenger, Eliot Dickinson, Earlene Camarillo


To serve students through teaching and mentoring, serve society through research, public outreach and activities, and serve the
university through collegial participation in all aspects of the community.

Learning outcomes

  1. Explain key concepts in politics and public service.
  2. Apply analytical and theoretical approaches to political problems.
  3. Demonstrate political and bureaucratic expertise through research, public outreach, advocacy, and leadership.

Core classes

PS 201 American National Government (3)
PS 202 State and Local Government (3)
PS 203 International Relations (3)
PS 204 Governments of the World (3)
PS 350 Introduction to Public Policy (3)
PS 351 Introduction to Public Administration (3)
PS 355 Civic Literacy and Engagement (3)
PS 375 Scope and Method of Political Science (3)

Electives (must be chosen with the advice of Political Science major advisor)

Electives in Political Science (18)
Electives in Social Science/Political Science (12)

Chose two (6 credits) in each area:

  • International Relations & Comparative Politics.
  • Administration & Political Processes
  • Public Policy and Law
PS 193 Introduction to Model United Nations

PS 393 Advanced Model United Nations

PS 426 Federalism and Intergovernmental Relations

PS 440 Causes of War

PS 441 Causes of Peace

PS 459 Government and Politics of Latin America

PS 460 Government and Politics of Asia

PS 461 Politics and Government of Post-Communist States

PS 462 Politics and Government of Europe

PS 463 Government and Politics of Developing States

PS 464 Government and Politics of Africa

PS 465 Government and Politics of the Middle East

PS 473 Globalization Issues

PS 477 International Environmental Politics

PS 478 Political Fiction and Film

PS 481 International Law

PS 492 Political Ideologies

PS 493 International Organizations

PS 497 U.S. Foreign Policy

(depending on content, PS 199, 399, 406, 407, 409, 410)

PS 325 Democracy in Theory and Practice

PS 414 Political Parties, Pressure Groups and Elections

PS 415 Politics and Psychology

PS 416 Politics and Communication

PS 419 American Presidential Elections

PS 425 Native American Politics and Policy

PS 426 Federalism and Intergovernmental Relations

PS 451 Political Theory: Plato to Marx

PS 452 Political Theory: Marx to Habermas

PS 454 Public Personnel Administration

PS 466 Governmental Budgeting

PS 469 Congress and the Presidency

PS 490 Community Politics

PS 495 Public Sector Labor Relations

(depending on content, PS 199, 399, 406, 407, 409, 410

PS 423 Issues in National Policy

PS 424 Policy Making in the States

PS 430 Aging Society

PS 432 Global Health Policy

PS 435 Women and Politics

PS 436 Gender and Politics

PS 444 National Security

PS 445 Introduction to Policy Analysis

PS 446 Land Resource Politics and Policy

PS 447 Environmental Politics and Policy

PS 449 Environmental Values and Political Action

PS 471 Immigration Politics and Policy

PS 479 Constitutional Law

PS 480 Administrative Law

PS 484 American Jurisprudence

PS 485 Legal Reasoning and Writing

PS 494 Human Rights

(depending on content, PS 199, 399, 406, 407, 409, 410)


Sharyne Ryals, Administrative Assistant

Division of Social Sciences 

503-838-8288 | or e-mail: ryalss@wou.edu Location: HSS 231