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General Information


What kinds of programs are available?

Explore WOU's world map to find available locations.


Why is an international experience important?

Where do I live while I'm abroad?

The housing options are unique to each program site.  Depending on the program, you might live

What else do I need to know about WOU’s international programs?

What if I want an international career?


Consider choosing WOU’s international studies major or minor and prepare yourself for a challenging and rewarding career.  Employers are looking for people with intercultural and second language competencies.



What if I want to do research abroad or participate in a study abroad or internship program that WOU doesn’t offer?


If you cannot fulfill your academic requirements or specific related professional goals by participating in the international programs WOU currently offers, you may complete a Petition to Participate in a Non-WOU Program.  Because WOU offers a wide array of programs that meet the majority of students' academic needs and career related goals, thoroughly review the programs that are offered prior to petitioning. If you are interested in requesting credit approval for an independent international research project, a self-arranged international internship, etc., you will need to complete the International By Arrangement Form as well as all requirements for WOU students who are going abroad.





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