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Information for faculty

The Office of Study Abroad and International Exchanges encourages faculty participation in international teaching, research, and exchange. The office sends announcements about opportunities and deadlines to the WOU faculty listserve on a regular basis.


Teaching Opportunities


AHA International

The application cycle for 2013/14 will open late September 2012. The application is now an online process. Application deadline: TBA


You will note that the application asks for endorsement from your department chair and dean. WOU requires endorsement from your department head, division chair, and dean. When you submit your application, AHA International will send you a revised WOU endorsement sheet that includes signature lines for all three.


Recommendations for success:

  1. Become familiar with the programs that interest you and how they function.
  2. Check the AHA International website to learn what courses are offered as part of the on-going program and make sure your course proposal complements rather than competes with courses already offered.
  3. Propose course related excursions that are reasonable and cost effective.
  4. Talk to other WOU faculty members who have taught on these programs to learn about their experiences and to receive application tips.
  5. Don't hesitate to call Michele Price, Director of Study Abroad and International Exchanges, for information and feedback about the process.


Cooperative Center for Study Abroad: learn more


Application deadline: mid-February for following year summer programs

Application deadline: late September for following year winter programs


Faculty led study abroad programs Rather than developing faculty led study abroad programs in-house as WOU once did, WOU's Office of Study Abroad and International Exchanges now works with several partners who have the ability to create customized programs for WOU faculty who have special expertise in a particular area of the world and who would like to develop and lead a study abroad program. This allows WOU to use existing infrastructures for risk management and to provide access to resources that faculty need while abroad.


If you are interested in developing such a program, contact the Office of Study Abroad and International Exchanges. The office will help you identify the partner best suited to work with you to develop your program and will assist you through the process from proposal stage to final approval. Planning, developing, and implementing a new program takes from 12-18 months, so it is important to begin early. The following links provide you with information you need to get started:

WOU faculty exchangesEach exchange partner establishes faculty application procedures.  However, planning for all faculty exchanges usually begins one year in advance of the projected exchange. Please contact the Office of Study Abroad and International Exchanges for details.


WOU has faculty exchange agreements with these universities:

Guidelines for establishing international exchangesWOU’s colleges, divisions, departments, and individual faculty members often have relationships with international universities that may lead to formal agreements.  These guidelines, which have been approved by the Office of the Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs, assist in the development and approval of those agreements.


Download Guidelines


Of interest

Fulbright Scholar Program; Click Here


For more information

Please contact Michele V. Price, Director with any questions.


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