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SEP Resources

SEP provides the availability of textbooks, laptop and desktop computers, voice recorders, graphing calculators, resource materials, and a lending library for checkout to participants.




*Some links on this page are not active. Please remember to read SEP weekly email updates for exact dates and updated links.


Hello Book Borrowers,


There are three important parts to this email, please read all 3:


A) The term is wrapping down, and if you have any textbooks that you’d like to donate to SEP, you can drop them off in the office at any time.  We appreciate all our donations, and they are tax deductable.

B) For folks who borrowed books and equipment, they must be returned by the end of spring term your account WILL be charged.

C) If you would like to borrow books for the fall term, The list of books, including the number currently available in our inventory, is here:

To request books go here and follow these steps:



1)      Look at our inventory:

2)      Double check the book title/edition to make sure it is the book you need for your class:

3)      Fill out this form once for each book you want to borrow:

4)      Return your books by the last day of classes, or else, you will be charged a replacement fee and may not be eligible for future lending.


Things to keep in mind…

1)      We cannot guarantee that the books we have are still currently used in WOU courses.  We have done our best to match books with courses in which they are currently used, or have been used in the past.  However, the books may be older editions, or may only be used by some professors.

IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO MAKE SURE THE BOOK WILL WORK FOR YOUR COURSE.  This means you might want to double check the WOU book store webpage ( ) or check with your professors.

2)      All books will be assigned on a first come first served basis starting the begingin of the term. You must fill out this form to reserve a book:

3)      You can, and should, fill out the form more than once for multiple books.  Initially, each student will only receive one book or set of books.  However, after the priority deadline has past, students will be assigned a 2nd book until inventory has been depleted.

4)      If we don’t have a book you’re looking for, you can save money by renting from .  If you are considering purchasing books online from other vendors, keep in mind that they may take a while to ship, and that you should check for your best price.


Please let me know if you have any questions.







Electronic Equipment


Laptops- checked out for 3 days at a time

Desktop Computers- checked out per term

Voice Recorders- checked out per term

Graphic Calculators - checked out per term


Campus Events Tickets

We provide admission to cultural enrichment activities to help students broaden their awareness and get to know other students. Please check our weekly update on our home page for information on upcoming events.


Reference Library

Visit the our reference library in the SEP office. We have a variety of books available for check out at no cost. If you would like to donate your old textbooks bring them by, we are always accepting donations.


SEP Forms

We use various forms in our office that help with time management, note taking, reading, test taking, etc. These forms can also be found in our office in paper form.


Forms can be also found on the AALC web page

Time Management

Listening and Note taking


Reading Skills

Test Taking




Student Enrichment Program 503-838-8550 | or e-mail: