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Student Enrichment Program

Career Planning Courses (1 credit each)


Career Planning I: Self Exploration and Decision Making

Fall 2013


Week 1

     Oct. 2


Introduction & House Keeping

Review Syllabus

Due today: Strong Interest Inventory & Myers Briggs Assessment must be completed by no later than today!!! Pre-Survey as well.Taking the MBTI

Homework: Set up a binder w/ 4 labeled dividers and tabs for Final Project

Homework:SIGI Assignment

Week 2

      Oct. 9

Adry Clark, Director, SLCD

Myers Briggs Personality Profile w/ SLCD

MBTI Handout

Homework for next class: Career Anchors Assessment

Due today: SIGI III assignment & One-minute Summary

Week 3

     Oct. 16


Career Anchors

Career Anchors Description

Due today: MBTI One-minute summary to be completed & placed in portfolio

Homework: Catch 27 assignment (start working on it NOW!) & Reflection

      Week 4

Oct. 23

Adry Clark, Director, SLCD

Strong Interest Inventory

Due today: Career Anchors and One-minute Summary

Homework: Write One-minute Summary for S.I.I. to include in Portfolio 

           Make sure “Catch 27” is completed and bring to next class                 

Week 5

Oct. 30


Values Tear-up Activity

Due today: Catch 27 and accompanying Reflection

Homework: Write One-Minute Reflection on the Values Tear-Up Activity to

                     Include in Portfolio

Week 6

Nov. 6


“Exploring Professional Values

Identify you values

Value sets

Homework for next class: Values handouts #1 & # 2

Week 7

Nov. 13


Decision Making Styles/Rational Linear Decision Making Activity


Decision Making Handout #1

Decision Making Styles #2 (instructions on last page of ppt above)

Week 8

Nov. 20


 How to Choose a Major/What to do With a Major

Due today:

Major Match up- (contact us for correct answers)

Catalog Activity

What can I do with this major

Homework: prepare binder and materials to bring to next class for portfolio activity

Week 9

Nov. 27


Self-Exploration Portfolio- in class work session

Grading Rubric

Homework: Work on Self Exploration Portfolio, completing as much as possible

Week 10

Dec. 4



Decide and Act Life Map Activity - (Please come see us for instructions)

Homework: complete class post assessment / Be sure to include Life Map & “Planning Backward” typed out to place in portfolio

*Take class group photo for thank you card

*Take Life Map photos for inclusion in portfolio

Week 11

Dec. 12, Th

5:00 p.m.


Submission of Self-Exploration Portfolio

*Turn in Portfolio for grading by no later than 4 p.m. , Thurs., Dec. 12th

            Final instructions and grading rubric on page 3

**Reminder:  Must complete Student Voice Class Survey to receive grad123e



Career Planning II: Career Exploration and Goal Setting

Winter 2014


Week 1
January 6

Alicia/Letitia Introduction & House Keeping
Review Syllabus
Job, Career, Calling
Class activity: Career Path Self Assessment “Where am I” /Introduce your Partner to the class

Homework: Read handout on Krumboltz Happenstance in preparation for next week’s class activity
Week 2
Monday January 13
Adry Clark, Director, SLCD
Elizabeth Hendricks, Assistant Director, SLCD

Krumboltz Happenstance Career Development Theory
Class Activity with Adry Clark
Homework: Work, work, work on informational interview for midterm (Handout #1, #2), Questions for your informational interview.


Take Pre-class Survey

Week 3
January 20
Martin Luther King Day No School!!
Homework: If you haven’t done so already, schedule your 1st required meeting for your final project. Review specific instructions
Week 4 Monday January 27 Letitia/Alicia Emerging Careers
Class Activity: “Create Your own Career”
Review Midterm and Final Assignments
Week 5
February 3
Brenda Turner Occupational Economist
Location: Hamersley 108

Top 10 Careers in 2020/Career Search w/Olmis, Oregon CIS, Career One Stop & other on-line resources- PPT
Class Activity: Worksheet "Where will the jobs be?"


Occupations in Demand 2012

Homework: Finish your mid term and continue to work on your class final. Attend the SEP Prezi workshop, go to ITC or meet with Alicia for tech support.

Week 6
February 10
Adry Clark
Alaric Trousdale

Location: Hamersley 108
The Huge Value and Benefits of Internship Experience/ Inroads-mentored paid internships experiences for 1st generation Students Class Activity: Find or Create your own internship Homework: Polish up your midterm for next week!
Week 7 Monday February 17 Alicia/Letitia Midterm: Informational Interview Presentations and turn in Midterm Paperwork Homework: Read handout on goal setting in preparation for next week’s activity
Week 8
February 24

No class due to weather


Week 9
March 3

Goal Setting Class Activity (5 and 10 year goals)


To use for your final:

Week 10 Monday March 10 Final!

Presentation and Submission of Education Plan Instructions for Final on page 3, grading rubric on CP II webpage


**Reminder: Must complete Post-Class On-line Survey to receive grade

*Will take class group photo for thank you card to give to class guest presenters

Week 11
March 20
Finals Week Thursday, March 20th at noon is the very last day and time to accept any late work. Points will be deducted for lateness.




Career Planning III: Career Preparation & Launch

Spring term 2014






Week 1

     March 31


Introduction & House Keeping

Review Syllabus

Class Activity: Take Pre-class survey

                           Do Strengths Quest Assessment

Week 2

     April 7

Adry Clark, Director, SLCD

Resumes and Cover Letters w/ SLCD

Resume and Cover Letter PPT

Resume checklist

Resume packet


Homework: begin working on Resume& Cover Letter assignment in order to allow enough time for two edits with SLCD and Writing Center

Week 3

    April 14

Adry Clark/Liz Hendryx-    Asst. Director SLCD

Krumboltz Top 5 Strengths Activity– Strengths Quest Assessment results

Homework: Use STAR Method to write about an experience where you solved a problem or conquered a challenge utilizing one of your top 5 strengths. Provide one example for each of your 5 top strengths.

In class today: sign up for Mock Interview with SLCD

     Week 4

April 21

   Adry Clark, Liz Hendryx

Interviewing Skills - SLCD

Due today: Resume and Cover Letter Assignment

Homework: Create Introduction "30 Second Infomercial",


Interviewing Skills Packet


What to say at the end of an interview



Schedule your mock interview by using these links:

Adry Clark


Elizabeth Hendryx




Come in nice dress for photo shots to be taken at next class                   

Week 5

April 28

            Liz Hendryx

Building a Professional Media Network and Positive Media Image

Class Activity: Set up LinkedIn account

Homework: Complete LinkedIn Account (Assignment Handout)     

Due today: Star Method Examples of Top 5 Strengths        

Week 6

May 5


On-line Career Search/Creating Artifacts for Your Career Portfolio

Homework: Finish watching "60 Seconds and You're Hired" & complete this worksheet

Due today: Introduction Pitch – typed

Week 7

May 12

          Rosario Peralta

  English Writing Specialist

      for Spanish Speakers


Professional Writing and Correspondence / How to Avoid the Post-graduation Blues

Homework: Begin working on Career Action Plan

Due today: LinkedIn Assignment

Week 8

May 19

           Liz Hendryx

       Marshall Guthrie

 Professionalism in the Work Place/Finances After College

Due Today: Mock Interview Paper

     Week 9

May 26

     Memorial Day Holiday

No School!!

Week 10

June 2


Class Activity: Life Map/Career Action Plan – creating a strategy for the future

Due today: 3 Artifacts you would use in a professional portfolio

Homework: complete Career Action Plan

*Take class group photo for thank you card

Week 11

     June 11


4:00 p.m.


Submit Career Action Plan and Post-class Survey by no later than 4 p.m., Monday June 11th

**Reminder: Must complete Post-class Survey to receive grade




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