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Sponsored Research Projects at WOU

Access to Services for Individuals with Brain injury

Project to improve access to quality services for individuals with brain injury.

BA in American Sign Language/English Interpreting

Grant funding to support students completing a Bachelor’s degree in American Sign Language/English Interpreting at WOU.

Back to School

Project to examine factors that influence identification and service practices for students with Traumatic Brain Injury.

Building Capacity to Accelerate Student Achievement Through Proficiency-Based Teaching and Learning: Third Party Evaluation

This project is a third party evaluation contract to assist the Business Education Compact (BEC) in their implementation of pilot Proficiency Centers across Oregon.

Center on Interventions for Children and Youth with TBI

Center supporting and advancing research of interventions to improve the long-term outcomes of children and youth post-TBI.

Court Appointed Special Advocates for the Get Ready, Get Set, Go! Grant

Project for the Oregon Commission on Children and Families to provide technical support for data migration from an old database system into a newly designed CASA data application.

Education & Quality Investment Partnership Initiative

Program improvement for both individuals and facilities conducting childcare and education in the state of Oregon.

Education Evaluation Center

Learning disability assessment services for Oregon Department of Human Services clients throughout Oregon.

Education Evaluation Center - Learning Disability Assessment Project

This project provides training and consultation to case managers and independent evaluators and manages Learning Disability assessments for TANF clients for the State of Oregon.

Global Climate Change in Education Institute for Teachers (GCcIft) Project

Evaluation of a project to enhance the content knowledge of K-8 teachers in the science of global climate change.

Helen Keller Fellows

Extending a Legacy: Training Personnel to Serve School Age Children in Low Incidence Disabilities through the Development of Helen Keller Fellows

Influencing Outcomes for Children Who Are Deaf-Blind With Cochlear Implants

The primary purpose of the research is to determine the effects of age and duration of (time in sound) for young children, to examine the effects of (parent talk) to their children, and to conduct routine-based interventions in the natural environment.

National Consortium on Deaf-Blindness (NCDB)

National technical assistance and dissemination center for children and youth who are deaf-blind.

National Leadership Consortium in Sensory Disabilities (NLCSD)

NLCSD provides a unique doctoral study experience for qualified individuals committed to the education of infants, toddlers, children and youth who are deaf/hard of hearing, blind/visually impaired or deafblind.

Oregon Child Development Coalition

This project provides scholarship support for OCDC Migrant Head Start staff which allows them to attend programs of study to assist in meeting federal Head Start teacher standards.

Oregon Deafblind Project

Technical Assistance and Dissemination to Improve Services and Results for Children who are Deaf-Blind in Oregon.

Oregon Deafblind Family Services Project

A project to ensure families are aware of project information and technical assistance activities appropriate for their child.

Oregon Department of Education Special Education Data Services

Data analysis and reporting to the Oregon Department of Education, Office of Student Learning Partnerships and other offices.

Oregon Early Childhood Inclusion Collaborative - Statewide Consultation and Resources for Early Childhood Collaboration.

Project to increase state, regional and local capacity for serving young children ages 3 to 5 in typical settings by providing leadership in dissemination and implementing evidence-based practices.

Oregon Educator Professional Development Commission

A project to the purpose of providing statewide collaborative leadership for prekindergarten through post-secondary education in the areas of school improvement.

Oregon Forestry Teacher Professional Development Evaluation

Evaluation of the Oregon Forest Resources Institute, a project that serves to improve public understanding of the state’s forest resources, and to encourage environmentally sound forest management through educational programs.

ORegon Parent Training and information Center (OrPTI)

A project to develop a multifaceted Contact Management Application for OrPTI, migrate all information from previous system, and provide technical support.

Oregon State University's National Science Foundation Grant Evaluation

A project to serve as external evaluator of Oregon State University's National Science Foundation grant, entitled Science and Engineering in the Lives of Students.

Oregon Statewide Even Start Family Literacy Program Evaluation

Evaluating the effectiveness of Oregon’s state and local Even Start programs.

The Oregon Traumatic Brain Injury Consulting Team

Assisting families and educators working with students with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Parents and Teachers Together (PET)

A project to utilize a three-pronged approach to meet the identified needs of families and children ages 3-8 in the rural communities of Falls City, Dallas, Independence, and Monmouth, including no-cost parent education sessions each year.

Partnerships for Inclusive Child Care and Education

Project to increase the number of child care providers who have training and support in caring for children with developmental, behavioral, medical, physical or other disabilities or special needs.

PEPNet-West Outreach Site at WOU

PEPNet provides resources and expertise that enhance educational opportunities for people who are deaf or hard of hearing--including those with co-occurring disabilities.

Project Wolves - FEMA

This project details how Western Oregon University (WOU) will facilitate the development of a campus-specific natural hazard mitigation plan (NHMP) in accordance with FEMA requirements, as well as for inclusion in the State of Oregon’s Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan.

ReadOregon: Collaborative for the Improvement of Literacy

Five Oregon public universities (Eastern Oregon University, Oregon State University, Portland State University, Southern Oregon University, and Western Oregon University) collaboratively offer an approved, online graduate-level literacy program.

Regional Collaboration to Embrace, Engage, and Sustain Tribal Community Policing Partnerships

This program creates and delivers a comprehensive training program that includes an on-site, highly interactive 2-day course titled "Regional Collaboration to Embrace, Engage, and Sustain Tribal Community Policing Partnerships."

Rehabilitation Counseling with Deaf and Hard of Hearing Adults (RCDHHA)

The purpose of the Rehabilitation Counseling with Deaf and Hard of Hearing Adults program is to improve the employment and independent living status for people who are deaf and hard of hearing by increasing the number of rehabilitation personnel (and their community partners) nationwide, who have the knowledge and communication skills to serve this population.

Rehabilitation Counselor Education

The Western Oregon University Rehabilitation Counselor Education program meets the RSA absolute priority to partner with state VR agencies to train six new and six continuing graduate students per year for five years potentially resulting in 60 new rehabilitation counselors in the Pacific Northwest.

School Transition and Re-Entry Program (STEP)

A systematic approach to developing, testing and disseminating a comprehensive hospital-school transition intervention for students with Traumatic Brain Injury.

Science and Engineering in the Lives of Students (SELS)

The project Science and Engineering in the Lives of Students (SELS), will use video case studies highlighting the role of science in construction problems as the core of a professional development program with video, print, and web components.

Special Education Accountability and Reporting Systems (SPEDSIS)

A project to provide programming and data management support to SPEDSIS on their Nevada Dept of Education agreement.

Student Support Services

A program providing 325 eligible students with academic support services to assist them in successfully obtaining a bachelor"s degree from Western Oregon University.

Swindells - Center Child Disability Connection Website

Project to develop a multifaceted website for the Child Disability Connection website and provide technical support.

Teaching Assistive Technology following Traumatic Brain Injury (TEACH-M)

A study to address the critical lack of experimental evidence evaluating instruction as an essential component of successful Assistive Technology use.

Training Assistive Technology for the Environment

Project to develop, test, and disseminate an instructional package called the Training Assistive Technology in the Environment (TATE) Systematic Instructional Package (SIP).

Transition Outcomes Study

Development and Enhancement of Oregon’s Part B Outcomes Related to Post-Secondary Education and Employment and Methods to Collect and Analyze Outcome Indicator Data.

Tribal Training Executive Leadership

This proposal will develop and deliver a two-day theme-enhanced, highly comprehensive and interactive classroom and web-based training and technical assistance program for Tribal leaders.

Tribal Training Youth Partnership

Training project that promotes the development of leadership capacity of tribal youth and encourages their collaboration and participation with tribal law enforcement.

University/School Partnerships

Annual RFP and grant competition for University/School professional development projects funded by Title II-A.

Western Oregon University Campus Against Sexual Assault

The overall purpose of the proposed project is to provide a safe, respectful campus environment for all WOU students, staff and faculty, to expand victim assistance services and resources, and to increase the campus and community’s awareness and understanding about violence against women.

Western Oregon University Course Material Pilot Rental Project

This grant will develop a fully functional textbook and course material rental program for WOU students.

Western Oregon University Driver Education

This grant will establish a system to offer courses for driver educators meeting the ODOT-TSD criteria.

Western Region Interpreter Education Center

a collaborative endeavor dedicated to the provision of quality education and professional development opportunities for interpreters at all skill levels.


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