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Sponsored Research Office

Oregon Disaster Resilient Universities

Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan Development

Project Director:


Joe Hutchinson

John Killoran

Contact Phone:



503-838-9623 (TTY)





Funding Source:


FEMA through a subcontract with the Oregon Partnership for Disaster Resilience

Project Description:

Project Description: (Brief description or abstract) Project Wolves is a collaborative effort between Western Oregon University (WOU) campus and community entities to revise and implement an emergency management plan that addresses the university's unique vulnerabilities and hazards. Joe Hutchinson, Asst. Director of WOU Campus Public Safety and Security, is Project Director.

Building upon the work intimated through project WOLVES, this project details how Western Oregon University (WOU) will facilitate the development of a campus-specific natural hazard mitigation plan (NHMP) in accordance with FEMA requirements, as well as for inclusion in the State of Oregon's Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan (Oregon NHMP). Including the WOU NHMP in the Oregon NHMP is important for several reasons. WOU plays a large role in the local and regional economy, and the buildings on campus represent a sizable portion of state-owned buildings and investment. By developing and adopting a campus-specific NHMP, WOU will also be eligible to pursue mitigation grant funding from the Pre-Disaster Mitigation (PDM) and Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP).

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