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Sponsored Research Office

Title II-A University/School Partnerships

Project Director:


Dr. Bonnie Morihara

John Killoran

Contact Phone:





Funding Source:


U.S. Department of Education, Title I-A SAHE grants

Project Description:

The Teaching Research Institute issues an RFP, provides technical assistance, manages a peer-reviewed competition, and provides coordination and oversight of 8-10 University/School grant partnerships yearly. The projects are designed to provide professional development in content areas for teachers in Oregon's highest need schools and districts and are required to have the following partners:

1) a high-need school district and its high-need schools,

2) the teacher preparation program in a 4-year college or university (either public and private), and

3) the Arts and Sciences division of a degree-granting post-secondary institution.

Partnerships receive approximately $680,000 each year through a No Child Left Behind formula distribution which is distributed through a competitive grant process to fund 8-10 teacher professional development projects yearly.

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