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Sponsored Research Office

Rehabilitation Counseling

with Deaf and Hard of Hearing Adults (RCDHHA)

Project Director:


Dr. Cheryl Davis

Contact Phone:





Funding Source:


US Department of Education, Rehabilitation Services Administration

Project Description:

The purpose of the Rehabilitation Counseling with Deaf and Hard of Hearing Adults (RCDHHA) program is to improve the employment and independent living status for people who are deaf and hard of hearing by increasing the number of rehabilitation personnel (and their community partners) nationwide, who have the knowledge and communication skills to serve this population. Each year the RCDHHA program has provided on average 25 vocational rehabilitation professionals with background information, improved communication skills, and a knowledge of local and national resources that, together, result in their agencies’ improved ability to serve deaf, deaf-blind, and hard of hearing individuals. Over the past four years, 98 professionals have completed the program, representing 35 states, plus Guam and Saipan.

This intensive, nine-credit, academic certificate program is designed to meet its training objectives with an efficient and cost-effective approach that minimizes, to four weeks, the time away from the job for the participant and the rehabilitation agency. Selection priority is given to rural rehabilitation specialists. Participants typically represent rural (less than 50,000) and urban (50,000 to 250,000) population centers and serve a mixed caseload of hard of hearing, deaf, and dually-diagnosed deaf consumers as well as hearing, general disability consumers.

The funding will deliver the intensive 110 contact-hour curriculum to 85-110 rehabilitation professionals over 5 years. This instructional program has been reviewed and approved by Western Oregon University, the Oregon University System (OUS), and the OUS Provosts Council to offer an Academic Certificate in Rehabilitation Counseling with Deaf and Hard of Hearing Adults.

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