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Sponsored Research Office

Oregon Forestry Teacher Professional Development-Evaluation

Preferences for Forestry Topics and Concepts

Project Director(s):


Mark Schalock

Dr. Robert Ayres

Contact Phone:








Funding Source:


Oregon Forestry Resources Institute

Project Description:

The Oregon Forest Resources Institute (OFRI) serves to "improve public understanding of the state's forest resources, and to encourage environmentally sound forest management through educational programs ("

One of OFRI's strategies for K-12 education is professional development for teachers. OFRI has provided multiple and varied opportunities for K-12 teachers to participate in professional development activities focused on forestry topics and concepts. In addition, OFRI offers popularly used publications for students. Currently, OFRI is interested in the kinds of professional development opportunities K-12 teachers prefer. OFRI will use that information to update its professional development offerings, classroom materials, and website.

The Evaluation and Research Group Office (ERGO) of TRI is conducting a mixed methods, external evaluation to provide OFRI with current information on Oregon's K-12 teacher preferences for professional development in forestry topics and concepts. Activities include a review of recent research regarding teachers' professional development preferences (e.g., Oregon Statewide Teacher Professional Development Survey 2008), focus group sessions with K-12 teachers representing both urban and rural Oregon, and an online survey.

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