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Sponsored Research Office

Influencing Outcomes for Children

Who Are Deaf-Blind with Cochlear Implants

Project Director:


Kathleen Stremel Thomas

Contact Phone:
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Funding Source:


U.S. Department of Education; Steppingstones of Technology Innovation for Children with Disabilities

Project Description:

The Influencing Outcomes for Children Who Are Deaf-Blind With Cochlear Implants project is a federally-funded research grant that is a collaboration among The Teaching Research Institute, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and East Carolina University. The primary purpose of the research is two-fold. The first is to determine the effects of age and duration of "time in sound" for young children, 6 months to 8 years if age. Children receive a battery of assessments across time to determine outcomes and predictive factors. The second is to examine the effects of "parent talk" to their children and to conduct routine-based interventions in the natural environment. Currently 28 State Deaf-Blind projects also collaborate to identify children who are eligible for cochlear implants but who have not been implanted (pre-implant). A number of these projects also assist the project to administer the assessment battery.

The intended impact of this project would be to demonstrate that effective communication, language and speech strategies in the context of daily home routines can positively and consistently affect post-implant communication and language outcomes for children who are deaf-blind. Fact sheets and materials for families, service providers and TA providers are being developed and disseminated.

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