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Mission Statement

Western Oregon University’s Preamble and Mission Statement


WOU Preamble

Western Oregon University offers exemplary undergraduate and graduate programs in a supportive and rigorous learning environment. Oregon’s oldest public university, WOU works to ensure the success of students and the advancement of knowledge as a service to Oregon and the region. The University works in partnership with PK-12 schools, community colleges and other institutions of higher education, government, and local and global communities.


WOU Mission

Western Oregon University is a comprehensive public university, operating for the public good, which:

  • Provides effective learning opportunities that prepare students for a fulfilling life in a global society;
  • Supports an accessible and diverse campus community; and,
  • Improves continuously our educational, financial, and environmental sustainability.


Three Core Themes

Effective Learning

Brief Description: Learning is the primary mission of the university; it is not only what we do, but what we do best.  To accomplish this, WOU sets and implements rigorous standards and assessment measures to evaluate the quality of teaching, learning experiences, and student success.  We encourage and support distinctive and innovative programs and delivery methods, which respond to the changing needs of students and society.  We create an environment in which student success is paramount and a shared responsibility of everyone at the university.  WOU supports learning with a coordinated system of academic and non-academic programs, processes, and resources.  We ensure that student advising is consistent, accurate, timely, personalized, and collaborative.  We encourage greater participation in programs that facilitate understanding and the exchange of people and ideas in international, multicultural, and cross-cultural arenas.

  1. Objective:  WOU students acquire, analyze, and apply knowledge in a global society
  2. Objective:  WOU students participate in high impact learning experiences. 1  

Supports Diversity

Brief Description: By providing a multicultural campus community, WOU offers students the knowledge, attitudes, and skills to function effectively within and beyond their cultural boundaries as required in today’s global society.  To accomplish this WOU has developed active communities of learning representing diverse populations and perspectives.  We provide access to an array of diverse and inclusive populations to foster a quality workforce and well-educated citizens.  WOU has developed and maintained partnerships that broaden our vision, increase our potential, and enhance our professional relationships.  These include academic and non-academic programs to promote diversity and meet the needs of all constituencies, especially non-traditional and minority students and staff.

  • Objective:  WOU is an institution that is accessible to diversity of student populations across the campus community.  (Chair, University Diversity Committee and Associate Provost)
  • Objective:  WOU is an institution that is accessible to minorities across the campus community.  
    (Chair, University Diversity Committee and Associate Provost)
  • Objective:  WOU successfully partners with diverse communities outside of campus.                 
    (Chair, University Diversity Committee and Director, Human Resources and Associate Provost)

Sustainable Institution

Brief Description:  WOU understands that the university is a living organism that must maintain its stability and sustainability through good educational, financial, and environmental practices.  To accomplish this WOU has developed a systematic and inclusive approach to improving the campus infrastructure, facilities, and services.  We continue to create a working environment that fosters open communication and recognizes individual and collective contributions.  WOU ensures the rigorous application of ongoing evaluation to improve all aspects of campus life, assure quality, and make decisions predicated on reliable, valid, peer-reviewed data.  We nurture connections with our alumni that engender pride, loyalty, and good will, and we enhance technology strategies and capacities to improve teaching, learning, communication, management, and cooperation.

  1. Objective:  WOU uses educational practices that continuously improve educational sustainability and are in the best interests of serving the community.
  2. Objective:  WOU uses business practices that continuously improve financial sustainability and are in the best Interests of serving the community.
  3. Objective:  WOU uses practices that continuously improve its operational sustainability and Are in the Best interests of serving the community.


Office of Academic Affairs

503-838-8271 | or e-mail: provost@wou.edu Location: Lieuallen Administration Building, Room 202