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Through creativity, build understanding

The Maurice Undergraduate Initiative Prize Competition is designed to challenge students to use their own creativity and innovation in solving a problem of importance to them, therefore deepening their breadth of knowledge about themselves and their abilities. We are looking for an innovative project, not just a research paper.  


This annual competition--open for Western Oregon University undergraduate students--will be judged by a committee comprised of faculty, staff, and students, and resulting in a prize of $5,000 to the individual winner or team who has demonstrated the deepest learning and problem solving.


In selecting a project of their own desire, it is the belief that the students will experience an additional educational benefit outside of their standard coursework. Additionally, student participants will plan and execute a strategy to address their issue while applying their own knowledge, creative use of resources, and the ability to work with others to find solutions.



Dr. Breeann Flesch 503-838-9489 | or e-mail: